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What Was The Lateest Star Trek Item You Bought?


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I thought this might be fun to do. What was the last item you bought that was Star Trek? Well as for me there was quite a bit of stuff. Here is a list of some of the stuff I bought.

Star Trek Novels:

Fedaration (TOS & TNG crossover)
Spock's Forge
Cruicable: McCoy

Star Trek Collectables:

Star Trek Wrath of Khan 12'in Spock action figure

Star Trek Costumes, and costume props:

Spock, blue science costume shirt from TOS

Insigna badge for comand and science for costumes as seen in Star Trek XI.


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I got the Deep Space Nine novel The Never Ending Sacrifice and the TNG 2nd season on DVD.


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Bought Voyager: Battle Lines and The Genesis Wave: Book III in a second hand bookstore on Thursday, for the princely sum of ¿1 each. But, if you are reffering to money that went to Paramount/CBS, probably the 12" Bones from ST XI I bought back in July.


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I bought "Losing the Peace" at the shop and "Armageddon Sky" from

Also downloads of "The Eugenics Wars" and "The Klingon Way" audiobooks

But as for the last non-book product, I got a drink bottle from the cinema when the Star Trek movie was still on.


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About a month or so ago, I purchased six TOS Pocket books from a used book store and ordered a copy of the Captain's Edition Star Fleet Battles game from Amarillo Design Bureau (which I have yet to play).

Before that?

Sheesh. Two years back, maybe? Seems I bought several Furuta "models" (TOS Enterprise, DS9 Defiant, DS9 space station) off of some eBay seller.

And three years ago? I picked up TOS and DS9 on DVD. :cool:


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I just bought a copy of Q-in-Law by Peter David at a used book store.


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Spock Bobble head that says one of three lines when his head bobbles:
"Fascinating" "Live long and prosper" "You are after all essentially irrational"


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I bought a Captain Picard action figure from Star Trek: Nemesis. Art Asylum has very well sculpted items. If you knew who Patrick Stewart was but never saw Star Trek, you could look at this figure and say, "Hey, that's Patrick Stewart!"

I will forever be unimpressed by Playmates.


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Star Trek: The Cinematic Collection (I-X)
Special Edition Filmcell (framed)


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Wow that would be the DS9 novel "The Never Ending Sacrifice"

Before that a couple of TNG books and an bunch of stuff at the Vegas convention.


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Picked up a Sisko action figure and the TNG trade paperback, 'The Last Generation.'


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Burger King Happy meal toy, oh and a couple weeks ago Froot Loops with free ST com badge toy inside. :D


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The new TOS Science Tricorder. :kiss:


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Today I finally managed to find a copy of "Soul Key."

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