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Star Trek The Orginal Series On Blu Ray


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I was'nt sure if this was done but I thought I do it. What do you all think of The Orginal Series on blu ray? What I mean is picture quality, sound effects etc? This relates to all 3 seasons of TOS. I know season 1 is the only one out right now, but soon season 2 will be out. So you can put what you think of either seaons on blu ray here. And when long after season 3 is out I will do another thread like to be updated on all the seasons. And that way we can say what we like about each one or dislike. As for me since season 2 won't be out tell the 22nd, I will say what I like about seaon1. And once I get season 2 I will do the same for that one. What I like about season 1 is the option to choose between the orginal version and enhanced version of the show. Of course I use the enhanced because it looks better and the picture quality is great. And the sound on it is great as well, it makes you feel like you are right there. I also love all the features on it, in which I haven't watched all of it, but its still great. And I love how you can go from episode to the next or choose the one you want to watch.


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I stick with the 2004 DVD sets. It was meant for 480i TV.

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