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When did humans pass vulcans in technology?


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I was watching season 2 of star trek enterprise and during this time vulcans are tremendously more advanced in ship's warm fire power pretty much everything. the episode i just finished was tipol telling the story of the vulcans landing in the 50's on earth if this is true or not i got the feeling that the vulcans had warp drive and star ships while we where trying to figure out nukes.

Seems like the vulcans advance very very slow because it seems by next gen humans had caught up with the vulcans but did we ever pass them up in tech?


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Probably soon after when the Federation was founded, since they had access to all the technology of the member worlds and could reverse engineer it and/or improve upon it.


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Well, as Lucifer said, once the Fed was born all technology between the Vulcans, Andorians and humans was probably shared.

You also have to keep in mind that Vulcans tend to think a lot of things out before going through with it, which obviously takes a lot longer.

I remember in "Tuvix" where, and I can't remember what the exact phrasing or situation was, but there was something technical that Tuvok had apparently told Chakotay would take him a while to fix due to diagnostics and simulations and what have you. But as "Tuvix" he fixed it in a few moments because he just guessed at a solution.


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That makes sense once all the tech was shared between the different planets in the federation humans would have caught right up to the vulcans.
I wonder if the humans where left on there own if by the next gen time frame they would have passed up the vulcans on there own without any help. I'm guessing so, between the little bits they pick up from other cultures in space and also humans mind set to just try it and hope for the best they would have advanced pretty quick on their own or blew them selfs up trying. ha-ha


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when the UFP was founded by the 23rd century the humans were the most advanced species in the alpha quadrant. :)


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...and Vulcans live in the Beta Quadrant.

But yeah. I imagine that humans catching up would have come from the mutual sharing of technology and so on that comes with being in the Federation.

Although perhaps Vulcans were in fact slow to develop new tech. There are several instances in Earth history of people having amazing and innovative ideas but not doing much more about them because either they were satisfied with what they had or they were wary about the notion of rapid technological "progress", for want of a better word.

If this was the case with Vulcans, it is more likely to have come from a lack of necessity than from overt caution.

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