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Report this Aug. 28 2009, 2:40 pm

The USS Gadsden is a Mercury-class vessel, refit from its Akira-class parent ship and commissioned in 2382.  It is under a directive of exploration of an unexplored part of the Beta quadrant, between Helical and Spika, and also must protect the Federation should any enemy parties attack.

It is under the command of Captain Tashanas, a Romulan who defected years ago and entered Starfleet as a tactical officer, eventually reluctantly accepting command.  

We have a chief of security and a chief of engineering, but we are in dire need of any and all other players, particularly an XO, a CMO, and any NPC's you'd like to drag along.

The RP is not demanding, time-wise.  We post at our own rate, and there is no requirement for posting in order to keep yourself on board.  You can post once a day or once a month and we'd still love to have you!  We accept all levels of experience.

For our Out of Character community, where you can post your character idea, visit this site:

For the actual RP, visit this site:

Check it out!  Thanks!

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