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Rick Berman on TNG


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Berman gave a very long interview on all things startrek in late 2006. It is available on line at HEre are the highlights about TNG:

Berman on TNG [19:30 - 1:17:15]

Gene Roddenberry hired Berman partially because he liked that Berman had never seen any Star Trek before
TNG syndicated because it could "make more money"and ¿because "Paramount felt proprietary over the Star Trek franchise."
TNG casting tidbits
Final audition for Picard was between Patrick Stewart and Stephen Macht
At Roddenberry¿s insistence Stewart auditioned with wig, Paramount exec John Pike said "go with the English guy, but lose the wig"
Berman wanted James Avery for Worf, Roddenberry wanted younger actor so Michael Dorn was chosen (only four years younger)
Billy Campbell cast as Riker, but Pike didn¿t feel he had command presence, so went with 2nd choice
Gates McFadden fired at end of first season because head writer Maurice Hurley "he had a real bone to pick" with Gates and din¿t like her acting, Berman brought Gates back for 3rd season after Hurley left
Whoopi Goldberg initially wanted to replace Gates McFadden as ships doctor for Season 2, but it was felt she wasn¿t right for that role so they created new "Yoda-like" character of Guinan
Berman says both Denise Crosby and Wil Wheaton regretted leaving TNG "within less than a year"
Berman "proud" of the actor-turned-directors from Trek like Jonathan Frakes, Robert Duncan McNeill, and Roxann Dawson, but others "turned out to be stinkers" (wouldn¿t name who)
Nick Meyer came to Berman with idea of tying Star Trek VI to TNG, resulting in "Unification"
Roddenberry¿s 24th century vision with no conflict between core characters "hardest rule for writing staff"
Ending TNG after 7 years was "financial¿ due to increasing costs and that Paramount motion picture headSherry Lansing wanted a Next Generation movie

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