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Wedding rings in the 24th century


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Report this Aug. 27 2009, 11:47 pm

I'm currently watching the season 2 eppisode "Tribunal". As I watched one of the earlier scenes with Keiko and Miles I noticed neither of them were wearing a wedding band. I was wondering if this was just a goof or if there was an established explanation.


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I'll have to check out "Data's Day" again to find out whether they exchanged rings. I know for certain that Sisko and Kassidy did when they were married. Perhaps you could put it down to some new matter of choice -- like now some people don't change their names when they marry


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^Agreed... I'd imagine that if there's a risk you could get into a combat situation, you may not wear one, or take it off when that danger is there, so it doesn't give you away- glint in the sun etc.


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Not everyone who is married in this day and age wear wedding rings. A wedding ring is a symbol, not a requirement.


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could be protocol. Remeber in Voyager and in TNG, Bajorans can't wear there earrings. probably don't want loose things or metal on skin, for safety reasons.


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the wedding ring was a bond the romans used to symbolize that the woman belonged to the man. The ringfinger was related to the line of heart as they believed. It should awaken the love inside the woman for the man. But the man was never wearing any ring, only the woman.


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Quote (Most_Illogical_Vulcan @ Sep. 01 2009, 8:27 pm)
Not everyone who is married in this day and age wear wedding rings. A wedding ring is a symbol, not a requirement.

What they said.

I am also thinking that people own less posessions in the 24th Century and not many people are married. Wedding rings might be considered arcadic or old timey.


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Maybe people are evolved to a point where they don't feel the need to metaphorically pee-on that which they consider 'their's'.... It's basically a way of telling others to back off and I think that might be moot in the future... or maybe I'm a cynical unmarried bitter woman... who knows... haha! :)


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i think riker and troi were wearing rings in Nemesis


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I noticed that Worf and Jadzia never wore them, but then that could be a non-Human thing too. My guess is that it's a personal choice - like someone said, similar to changing one's name or not.


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I guess it is a personal choice too, but it is still an important wedding tradition.


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Traditions can be changed!


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Just watched Drive today and Torres has an engagement ring on.


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It's a wedding tradition of a particular culture. Neither Dax nor Worf are human, so there's no reason for them to wear rings. Keiko is Japanese -- do the Japanese traditionally exchange wedding rings?

Possessions like gold or diamond rings would no longer have the value they have today when you've got replicators that can make anything you want. From the looks of things the people in the Federation aren't really into status symbols either, so wearing a ring to show off that you're married doesn't sound likely.

Also, it's four hundred years in the future. Traditions in every culture are subject to change, and maybe people of the 24th century view wedding rings as an option, not a requirement. Very sensible of them.


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I wonder if (in the Star Trek universe) instead of a diamond ring, if anyone's ever gotten a dilithium ring. Think of the metaphors that could spawn...

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