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Marketing to the Demographic?


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Report this Aug. 27 2009, 10:18 am

Guinness & Co. has a contest, "Truly Remarkable Experiences," which includes a Space experience, a Sea experience, and a Studio experience (with the Black Eyed Peas). Unfortunately, you can't pick which adventure you'd like, it's entirely random. But, however, you want to check out their page and videos:

The link:
250 Remarkable Experiences

Hit the Space link or go from here:
Space Experience

The page has two embedded videos, Branson's "Introduction to Virgin Galactic," and "Let the Journey Begin".

"Let the Journey Begin" is 6.24 minutes long; at the 0.40 second mark you see the name of the orbital craft: VSS Enterprise.

Either Branson's a Trek fan, or his advertising/marketing people are marketing to the demographic.

In the still photos, however, even though the name of the mothership is "Eve" (Branson's mom), the dropship is still referred to as "Spaceship Two." Personally, I hope Branson goes with "Enterprise".

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