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Best episodes for each character


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Picard - Tapestry, Best of Both Worlds
Data - Brothers, Measure of a Man
Riker - Frame of Mind, Gambit
Worf - Parallels, Ethics
LaForge - Galaxy's Child, Interface
Dr. Crusher - Remember Me, Data's Day
Troi - Man of the People, The Loss
Wesley Crusher - The First Duty, Final Mission
Tasha Yar - Yesterday's Enterprise, Last Outpost
Q - Deja Q, Tapestry
Lore - Descent, Datalore
Guinan - I, Borg, Rascals
Chief O'Brien - Power Play
Ensign Ro - Ensign Ro, Preemptive Strike
Barclay - The Nth Degree, Hollow Pursuits
Lwaxana - Half A Life, Haven

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