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dual theory


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Just remember, innuendo is the Italian word for suppository.


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Quote (DamarLivesAgain @ Aug. 26 2009, 8:10 pm)
Quote (Katrina9 @ Aug. 26 2009, 5:48 pm)
talkahano had a reg number much lower than darwin. his was 2347057 hers was 2139446. trekwolfs is 2022666. I always thouht dnesh just came out of nowhere. I never heard tw say he was living with someone he only ever mentioned the dog from what I remember. Heres a post from dnesh when she first showed up

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?Posted: Nov. 27 2007, 11:46 am ?

WOW,,,Starbase...Now I see what Trekwolf talks about. ?How many times do I have to tell you it was I who posted the pic of the black dancer with Bill Cosby

You just don't get it!

British Beauty....Gee, didn't know that woulf be offensive.

The man I have owned a home with since 1999 has been a member here for a very long time. ?Though, Black Lion has accused me of doing no back reading....I have done a lot of Back reading. ?I have read many a GGW thread....(lots of other threads) to get to know the players my honey has forged a friendship with.

Is there something wrong with that, Starbase? ?Is that reportable. ?I had no idea only one person called Jadzia British Beauty. ?I have just read it many times.

Sorry Jadzia. ?I did not mean to offend you. ?Was just trying to be friendly.

NO...Starbase I am not Wissaboo. ?No Trekwolf I am not Starbase. ? "

Here is the kind of sexed up darwin bs she posts
"Flirting.....DNesh style

Wolf was stuck on Girls Gone Wild Island....and, all he could think about was Heather. Beautiful, gorgeous Heather. Heather had the most enormous breasts for a woman of her frame. She was sexy. Sexy....and, she knew it!

Playing bartender on the Island gave Wolf tremendous satisfaction when he wasn't off playing electrician. To his even greater satisfaction he found a message on the bar's answering machine. Heather was coming for a visit. It's been awhile. Amused at how excited he was, he felt his penis stiffen at the thought. Heather had a way of making him harder than a flagpole. A smile flickered upon his lips...

Then he thought of Damar. The smile, quickly evaporating, left his lips robbing him of his erection. Damar, that lucky bastard! Damar was a friend. Still, he could not help feeling a tinge of jealousy. Afterall, we are talking about Heather!

Hmmm....Well, Accompanied Heather is better than no Heather at all.

Kids at camp , Damar at work, Heather soaked her languid body in a tub of steamy water. Tracing her fingers slowly over her breasts she caressed her nipples. Each manicured nail circling it's way into the ridges, and bumps, of the hardened flesh. Cupping a heavy breast in each hand she squeezed. Their firm round form pressed against each palm. The tips of her breasts the color of pale moonlight fermenting to crimson.

She let out a sigh as she squeezed them hard....together, her fingernails stabbing the nipples like dull little knives. Scratching at her naked nipples like blunted saw blades. She groaned louder. She moaned with deep satisfaction as she sank further into the calming fluid.

This is the place best where she didn't want to think. Didn't want to have to think about anything but her own solitude. Her mind could go blank. As blank as a busy mind can get that leads a busy life. Heather floated. She felt like her whole body was floating. It was mostly her head and arms. Long legs bent slight at the knee, were comfortably supported by the walls of the tub. It was fun to feel like you were sinking. Trusting her life with Damar and the children....she let go, and floated.

Anxious to beat rush hour traffic Damar galloped through the last thirty minutes of his work day. He felt giddy...anticipating ice cold beer. Gulping a cup of cold water he grabbed his keys, and flew out the door. It had been awhile since he and Heather had a night free without the kids. He envisioned what Heather would be wearing as he searched for his car in the parking lot. He envisioned what Heather might not be wearing as he jumped over the side of his convertible. Panties, or no panties. His penis gorged with blood as the engine roared to life.

OK...maybe I do speak of breasts. But dang, let me see you do better! That's class... "

if dnesh, tw, damar and heather are real ok. but at least call them on the phone at the same time to see if your being played. or cam with one them.

You idiot, now we know who you are.

And if you #### with friends again, I may just have to come to New York and teach you sex, since it seems to be the only language you know.

You ignorant hooker.

dat you darwin?


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Quote (IVHoltzman @ Aug. 26 2009, 8:15 pm)
Just remember, innuendo is the Italian word for suppository.

:laugh:  :laugh:  :laugh:

Holtzman, we miss you!


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Oh, by the way Katrina...You can also add this to your kepsake list of things I have written. I am sure you can find something nefarious in it's meaning.... :p

Ode' To TrekWolf

I live with a man,
who is a big fan,
of Space...The Wild Frontier.

He likes to sit at the board,
post crap in ten-forward,
and all while drinking a beer.

His knowledge is legendary,
of all things Gene Rodenberry,
talks canon till it comes out his a$$.

He has his own views,
on what happened to crews,
as they battle to complete their tasks.

In the Enterprise thread,
It's his posts that they dread,
when he claims 'Archer is a Pirate'....once more!

STFU they will chant,
some will spearhead the rant,
That ain't canon...."You Are A Big Bore!'

TrekWolf don't care,
what these naysayers declare,
"He Is Right"..that's all that he knows.

He might have no eloquence,
when posting in his defense,
but Canon don't change on the shows!

Oh TrekWolf, Oh TrekWolf,
some really despise you
for your's so different from their's.

Then TrekWolf, then TrekWolf,
there are those who quite like you,
For your bartending skills are done with great care.

You worked on the Isle,
where Girls have Gone Wild,
through eight different threads,
all in great style.

The Brig is the place,
the place you call home.
It feels good to run a bar,
run a bar...on your own.

So be it debating, cracking jokes, or just drinking,
I love you...Today...You really got my brain thinking!!!


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I read it the first time :p


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Holy crap! I'm getting like you..... :laugh:


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Quote (DNesh @ Aug. 26 2009, 8:57 pm)
Holy crap! I'm getting like you..... :laugh:

Bekks got inside you atlast.


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:kiss: :kiss: :kiss:


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Quote (starbase63 @ Aug. 27 2009, 10:34 am)
Quote (HedoIsBarisManco @ Aug. 26 2009, 6:05 pm)
Starbase is Katrina ???

I'm confused

No more confused than I am...WTF is that all about??



At least they didn't say you were Nachtommen aka Kilty Reargear the Irish Sodomist :laugh:

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