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Edith Keeler Must Die-street team & contest


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Report this Aug. 25 2009, 11:45 pm

Hello everyone! I am writing for my band Undiscovered Country and we would like to introduce ourselves to the Star Trek community. We have released a new record called Edith Keeler Must Die and it is a lo-fi concept CD based around The City on the Edge of Forever. This music is not for everyone, but we think if anyone would enjoy at least the idea behind it, it would you guys! Please visit Undiscovered Country - Web Hub
Also... we are seeking online street team members to promote our band. We would be willing to give letters of recommendation, free tix for shows, perhaps t-shirts, CDs, etc... we're working on the specifics.
and... we will be having a star trek fans only contest coming in about a week, so stayed tuned for that.
Just contact us on our web site home page; we look forward to chatting with you guys and getting you onboard. Engage.

Thanks for your time!
Chris & Mykel

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