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"Sy-Fy" Channel Advisory! No ENT!


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Quote (grigori @ Posted: Aug. 28 2009, 6:53 pm)
I've sort of been ticking off the new ENT fans I've either brought in or heard about the last couple years. Great fun.

Would be incorrect to think that if they don't join this site then they probably don't exist, would it not? ;)


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Quote (Serit @ Aug. 25 2009, 9:26 am)
NEWS WE CAN USE! (or maybe not)

The Channel Formerly Known as the Sci-Fi Channel will be airing its annoying (to me, at least) "31 Days of Halloween" beginning on Thursday, 1 October 2009, interrupting their regular scheduling which includes Enterprise, TNG, and Stargate: Atlantis repeats, and will continue in that vein (pun not intended! ) for the entire month of October.

Sorry for chiming in late on this subject, but I just got back from vacation. Sy-Fy did the same thing last year and the network was know as Sci-Fi back then. This is nothing new.


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Quote (Jetar @ Aug. 28 2009, 12:55 am)
Hay the Si-Fi channel does not exist anymore there is now Sy-Fy not a true Si-Fi one we need again a Si-Fi to have only Si-Fi chows. glad I have star trek on DVD.

Yeah. ¿Just better hope that Enterprise will be released on Blu-ray pretty soon, since it was shot in high-def, iirc. ¿Certainly would be far better than DVD *or* broadcast quality, imo. ¿Even the DVD version is still better than Syfy would broadcast.
Still find it sad that Syfy's not allowed to air the high-def version of ENT, tho.  I run on Cox Digital Cable here, I don't think we receive HDnet on the 7xx channels, I'll find that out again.  Wish we would, tho.


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"31 Days of Halloween" beginning on Thursday, 1 October 2009

I'm looking forward to it.  I like when the stations change up their programming for the Halloween season.  There will still be other Sci-Fi shows airing that month.

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