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Quote: green_joshua @ Nov. 24 2010, 8:25 am

i liked voyager when i started watching it as a kid i liked the way the characters interacted with each other and i thought that most of the episodes were great but as the books go after the return of voyager to the alpha quadrant i don not like the direction they are taking the ship i understand Adm. janeways promotion and chakoteys posting as captain of the luckiest ship in the trek universe but what the did by killing janeway off was a mistake because the only direction they could go with chakotey was to put him on  self distructive path but not in the way that it was done and as for the only remaining crew being paris and kim i think it is a mistake for them to take an outsider and make them captain 

Have you read Full Circle and Unworthy yet? They make the story work as a continuance of what the show was about. But characters aside, Voyager was about getting home. Once it was home, all they needed was a good epilogue. The story doesn't allow for as much interesting follow up as the other shows.

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