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"All Good Things" - another temporal mess?


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Sorry to be a pain but I thought the Klingons attacked the pasteur before they could get the tachyon beam ready. Unless I'm missing something but it's been a while since I saw it.

Your not a pain.

And theres a reason you think that.

They never actually showed the tacion beam being used by the Pasture.

But Data said it would only take 14 hours to modify the deflector and complete the scan of the entire system.

Which indicats the modification time was short.

But later in the episode Picard and Data [in Ten Foward] both mention that they did start the scan.

hmm ok, i think it makes sense now, thanks for clearing it up!

Your welcome.

If you get a chance what the scene when Picard is ranting to Riker and the rest in 10 foward.You'll see what I'm talking about.

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