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Single favourite TNG scene?


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Quote (apothecary @ Sep. 07 2009, 7:33 pm)
Quote (ENT567 @ Sep. 04 2009, 5:40 am)
What's really good about that "4 lights scene"?

Quite simply it was the finest acting Patrick Stewart did in his time on Trek, IMO.

I think he did pretty well in Sarek also, that was some serious acting too!


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Quote (Eternal7 @ Sep. 12 2009, 9:30 pm)
^ I also agree- I love the "fully functional" scene too. :D

Yay!  :D


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I felt this fourth season episode to be a very farsighted allegory to the things that happened in the United States in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. In The Drumhead, there is a scene in which Captain Picard is being questioned during a hearing by Admiral Norah Satie. A spy had been discovered on the Enterprise; however, by this point, the investigation had devolved into an inquisition to find the conspiracy. There had been some heated disagreements between the two earlier in the episode, so Satie was out to discredit him any way she could. Through the use of circumstantial arguments and heavy insinuation, she had all but accused Picard of being a traitor. In response, Picard delivers what is, in my opinion, one of the finest pieces of dialogue from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Here's a clip from Act Five of the episode:

Picard: We think we have come so far... the torture of heretics and the burning of witches is ancient history... and then... before you can blink an eye... it threatens to start all over again.
Worf: I believed her... I helped her... I didn't see what she was.
Picard: Villains who wear black hats are easy to spot. Those who clothe themselves in good deeds are well camouflaged.
Worf: I think... after yesterday... people will not be as ready to trust her.
Picard: Maybe. But it won't stop her. She -- someone like her -- will always be with us... waiting for the right climate to flourish... spreading disease in the name of liberty. (beat) Vigilance, Worf. That is the price we must continually pay.


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My favourite scene wasn't about the acting. For me Star Trek has always been about the ideas.

I don't have a single favorite  scene, but I can think of many that, I was like "That's so cool!"

The knife in the chest scene from Tapestry, was one of those moments.


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At the end of 'the chase'... when Picard is speaking to the Romulan commander...

Romulan: "It would seem we are not all that dissimilar after all, in our hopes and in our fears..."
Picard: "yes..."
Romulan: "Well then... perhaps... one day..."
Picard: "one day..."

I like the feeling I get from that one, it epitomizes TNG for me, hope and idealism...


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Just one?  Really! :logical:
I liked the one with Data's daughter Lal. (1)
I also liked the one when Lawaxana was discussing with the scientist about going down for his "resolution." (2) and
I liked when Captain Picard was Locutus and Ryker had the responsibility to destroy him.  When he gave the command to "Fire!" my blood froze! (3)


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The poker scene in "All Good Things....."


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I have to agree with the people who chose the final scene in Best of Both Worlds Part I. The first time it aired, it was absolutely mind blowing. The series was still new enough that you were thinking "Well, they might really kill off Captain Picard!"-especially since much of the episode involved Riker not leaving to take his own command, (perhaps because the command he really wanted was the Enterprise?). It was the best cliffhanger on television, with the possible exception of J.R. Ewing getting shot.


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Yes, that definitely is a great scene... I love those two episodes, everything about them in well timed and keeps you gripped...


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Quote (ENT567 @ Sep. 04 2009, 6:40 am)
What's really good about that "4 lights scene"?

If it were in, say, a WWII movie or such, where it truly belongs, I would appreciate it.

Imo, it was stuck into that sci-fi setting very artificially, and was totally unnecessary - it logically does not fit the story because there was absolutely nothing so important that those aliens would hope to get from Picard using that kind of interrogation. Just as there was no necessity for that interrogator to break Picard that way.

It was simply done for more "dramatic effect" - a Gestapo type interrogator, a little girl, a hung naked Picard... What for? To make viewers say "aaah!" and cover up the fact that the whole story is hollow and actually has little to do with science fiction?
That's not how I understand good-taste sci-fi space adventure. :logical:

Strange, but I always thought Star Trek was at it's best when it WASN'T all about science-fiction and it was about humanity.

I'd say this was a very human moment. This whole episode speaks of the strength of spirit within people...and I consider it to be a great tribute to all those who have been Prisoners of War or subject to torture. It's also a fantastic moment for Picard's character, and shows in one single moment how he has the strength and willpower to be such a great leader.

While not my favorite moment, it's certainly up there with one of TNG's finest moments, at least based on what I judge from.


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The scene in the Best of Both Worlds II where Riker initiates his plan to save Picard from the Borg ship. Classic.


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The mud fight in "Family," when Picard breaks down, because he wasn't strong enough to fight being assimulated by the Borg. Robert tells Jean Luc that he's "going to have to live with" what he did as Locutus.

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