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A half human, half Vulcan woman?


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And ah-hem where did I read that "Spock" was biomedically engineered to survive?

Human and Vulcan cannot have a child naturally?

It's funny but I think Spock has his father's taste in women, human, I mean.

Kirk on the other hand likes anything in a skirt (or less...)



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Quote (starbase63 @ Aug. 17 2009, 8:27 pm)

You have to remember...Vulcans live much longer than humans...even in STIII, you can see Amanda is much's logical to assume she finally passed on from old age.

Yes, I do often forget that Vulcans live longer.

Quote (starbase63 @ Aug. 17 2009, 8:27 pm)

I doubt Sarek and Amanda would ever have divorced...they obviously loved each other evry much.

Very true, you can see this whenever they're on screen together (well, in Journey to Babel anyway...which is the only time I've seen Amanda so far...oh, and STXI I guess)


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Quote (MrsStarbuck @ Aug. 18 2009, 6:20 am)
^ Thanks for that stovokor. I'm still learning about Trek.

I didn't know Sarek had been married twice...and to a human both times...fascinating.

I'm yet to see any episodes of ENT, so I haven't been introduced to Trip and T'Pol yet.

Your welcome.


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Why would they fight over her? ¿The beds are big enough for three! *:p * The logical menage sounds like a lot of fun!


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Sarek was married 3 times, number 1 was a Vulcan because of Sybok, but 2 and 3 were human, bassed opon "Journey to Babel", the 5th movie, and the last post on page 1.

logical... mabye.

T'Lyra X

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This is a fascinating discussion. I believe I shall join in.
It is my hypothesis that Spock, if he were to fall in love with someone, would undoubtedly attempt to put the captain first, being the noble man he is. The captain, likewise, would realize that Spock has rare opportunities for love and would also attempt to step aside. Then, of course, the burden of selection would fall on the lady, and there is approximately a 78 percent chance that she would choose Spock. This, however, is mere speculation. I would suggest that an experiment be conducted, but that would be rather inconvenient, as one would end up with what humans refer to as a "broken heart."

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Wow, I know Spock would think it logical to marry her right away, since she would understand him completely and would have a companion the he could talk to !


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Quote: Ali88 @ Aug. 17 2009, 7:05 pm

and Spock would defiantly relate to her




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Quote: Ali88 @ Aug. 17 2009, 7:05 pm

>Has anyone ever wondered what would happen if Kirk and Spock met a Vulcan woman who was half human, half Vulcan, just like Spock

Wouldn't both men fall for her? Kirk would be attracted to her and Spock would defiantly relate to her but what if the two both fell in love with her?

There should have been a TOS episode where Kirk and Spock both fall for a half human, half vulcan woman and they both end up fighting each other over her and it ends up ruining their friendship.

She wants both men to stop fighting over her and be friends again but then she dies in an accident and Kirk and Spock fix their friendship again, as it is something she wanted them to do
Um...why do you assume that Kirk would automatically be attracted to a half-human, half-Vulcan woman...because he has a subliminated desire for Spock?

Contrary to popular opinion Kirk wasn't attracted to every woman he met. Not ugly women were just throwing themselves at Kirk left and right, and instead of letting them hit the deck he tended to catch them, like uh...any lonely guy who wants some sex would. But it's no sign of great attraction. And the women Kirk actually does pursue? Well...besides Edith, it's nearly always a matter of manipulation, because the man is pretty and charming and he knows it will work. Interestingly enough, Kirk was given a role usually given to female characters, that of the flirt who uses their attractiveness to the opposite sex to their advantage, namely to further whatever their primary goal at the time is (be it breaking a robot, getting revenge on a murderer, ect...)

Sometimes I wonder how much attention people pay to what Kirk is -actually- doing with the ladies, versus what they'd like to think he's doing with them (because they themselves would like to be that popular with the womenfolk). I mean Kirk has only THREE unequivocal lays in the three years of TOS. One while suffering from amnesia, two while imprisoned. Not exactly a space-Lothario. There's nothing wrong with thinking that he was, but its certainly not made explicit in the text itself.

"What will they find when I am ripped apart? 'I love you, captain' written on my heart."


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Also, I'd like to add that I'm sick to death of the m/f/m love triangles where the woman is merely a plot device for the character development of the two men involved. I'm sick of female characters being introduced just for the sex (oh I'm sorry...the "romance" *rolls eyes*) and then being killed so its okay for the two men to have a bit of cry and then press on like valient heroes and go back to being friends because she would have wanted it. She would have wanted to be left out of their repressed homoerotic angst from the onset and still be alive, I'd wager!

Kirk and Spock love each other. If not as lovers, than as brothers and soulmates who put each other before all others. How much simpler and better for all the women in the universe if they'd just leave them out of it entirely and be space husbands, or something. Clearly, women have never meant much to either of them, they prove it time and time again. It's like Arthur and Lancelot, they would have saved poor Gwenivere a whole heck of a lot of heartache if they'd just gotten over themselves and were sleeping with each other from the onset. *sigh* Penises are not that scary, I swear. Half of the time love triangles like this are just misplaced homoerotic desire being transfered onto a woman because she's the socially appropriate venue for sexual objectification.

"What will they find when I am ripped apart? 'I love you, captain' written on my heart."

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