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"Tribbles" Actor Ed Reimers Dies at 96


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NEW YORK ¿ A relative says the actor who told television viewers "you're in good hands with Allstate" for decades has died in upstate New York. Ed Reimers was 96.

Dean Lindoerfer, Reimers' nephew by marriage, says the actor died Sunday at his daughter's home in Saratoga Springs. The cause wasn't immediately clear.

Reimers was best known as the Allstate Corp.'s TV spokesman for 22 years, starting in 1957. He also was an announcer for television programs including the 1950s-era Western "Maverick" and appeared in shows including an episode of the original "Star Trek" series.

Born in Moline, Ill., Reimers spent most of his adult life in Los Angeles. He moved to Saratoga Springs in 2007.

Survivors include his daughter, Kathryn, two grandsons and a niece.


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Hi rowdycat. Welcome to the TOS boards. :)

I am sorry to hear that Mr. Reimers had passed away.

The role of Admiral Fitzpatrick was played by well-known announcer Ed Reimers, familiar in the 1960s for his trademark spokesman line, "You're in good hands with Allstate (Insurance)." A well-known outtake from the episode features a gag where at the end of the communication, Reimer catches a tribble thrown to him from offscreen, and says "You're in good hands with tribbles."

Fitzpatrick was the only admiral in The Original Series to have rank insignia visible, it was a wide gold band (as worn by commodores), with a single solid rank stripe above and beneath it. Although simply called an "admiral", since a similar uniform style, in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, used a commodore insignia with one stripe above it to signify a rear admiral, Fitzpatick would thus seem to be a vice admiral. His insignia is referred to as such in nearly every Star Trek technical manual dealing with ranks and insignia.


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He lived a long life, hopefully it was a full one.  It's funny, I would have assumed the guy would have been dead a long time ago and now I'm sad to see that he just died.  R.I.P.


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Rest in peace, Admiral Fitzpatrick


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Rest in peace.


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RIP Mr. Reimers

Torias Dax

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RIP Ed Reimers.


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 The trek he now goes on, May he be in Good Hands there as well! 


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Thanks for sharing this. I like to hear when TOS guest stars pass away. Well, I don't LIKE to hear it, but.... you know.

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