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new DS9 EPISODE season 8 ep 2


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Pheeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwweeeewwwwweeeeeee  BOOM.


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Quote (RedShirtGuyNumber1001 @ Oct. 27 2009, 12:38 am)
Pheeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwweeeewwwwweeeeeee ?BOOM.


I take it you meant the forcefield...


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Welcome back lamoglia. Dude, where have you been. I was concerned about you.

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finally back. been traveling. playing star trek online as well. wow this story really got good. I only had notes on the first story. I started a new thread to start a fresh one. We can take elements from this one and stick it in the new one.


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Odo to OPS. Security Alret. Intruders have boarded the station, stole a sample from me, ran some test and just beamed off the station, said Odo.

Col.Kira, "When did this happen"

Odo: Just now, I am heading to OPS. Tell Dr. Bashir to meet me there. I want to know what they took and how much of me did they take.

Col Kira: will do Odo. *after a moment* Are you alright Constaple?

Odo: Hopping mad as you humans put it, but overall, I'm okay.

Col Kira: See you at OPS. Ezri scan the area for any ships. Prepare the Defiant for pursuit.

*Dr. Bashir arrives.*

Dr. Basir: where's Odo, and is he alright?

Col Kira: Hopping mad from what he says. *A moment later, Odo arrives at OPS*

Dr. Bashir: Come here Constaple. I want to have a look at you.

*Dr. Bashir breaks out his medical tricoder and begins to scan Odo*

Dr. Bashir: you appear okay Odo, but I want to examine your further in the Infirmary.

Odo: Alright Doctor.

Ezri Dax: I have completed all short and long range scans. There seem to be a faint trace of a ship, but not enough of it to confirm that a ship was present.

Col Kira: Where?

Ezri Dax: Some where around or past Bajor. It was very faint and there was some transmissions that affected our sensors. It probably blinded them for the time they needed to escape.

Col Kira: Damn. Keep me inform if any of those readings pop up again.

*meanwhile aboard the Cardassian ship Dukat savors his victory*

Dukat: You see Lore. We have pulled it off with out too much trouble.

Lore: Only because I was there to help you. Do you have any idea how long it would take for you to do dthe same thing with those imfirmary computers. Odo would have your hide and what's left, Kira would burn it out of spite.

Dukat: I appreciate your help and you HAVE bveen well paid. Take me back to the fired caves. I need to practice my shapeshifting abilities. TBC

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