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Is District 9 any good?


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I'm going to see it tonight regardless but I wanted to sknow what the trekkies/trekkers/trek heads have to say about it.


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Awesome.   Completely awesome.  Even moreso when I remembered this was shot on a shoe-string budget.

WETA studios should get an Oscar.

In my opinion, the best True Sci-Fi Movie of the last 10 years easy (in theatres, that is), possibly the last 20.   It's surprising when I write that, but the more I think about it, the more I think it's true... the best Sci-Fi films I can think of came out in the early 90s and earlier.  

Trek is wonderful and I love it, but as a return to Them!/The Thing/The Day the Earth Stood Still (ORIGINAL) type Sci-Fi filmmaking, I think District 9 is the only game in town.  I'm going to see it again on Sunday.  Any fan of the genre should be there with family and friends in tow (but no small kids).


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I thought it was quite good. I didn't care for the way they handeled the main character's relationship with his wife. They didn't allow enough time for the audience to feel any sympathy towards them. But a friend pointed out that maybe that's not what the movie was trying to focus on. Anyways, it was the most original film I've seen this year.


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I was dying to see this movie myself, up until my theater just didn't want to carry it, then I steamed out of the box office in anger.  Seems like Amazon'd better make pre-orders of the Blu-ray available pretty soon.


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I saw it last night and I really liked it. I didn't think the movie was going to be about what happens to the main character and thought it might focus on why the aliens were there. I hope there is District 10 and they expand more on the overall story. I'm always happy to see any sci fi movie, but this one I thought was well above average and if you're into sci fi you should check this out in the theatre.


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Best scifi out this year so far. Great story telling, character developement, FX and action with out it overtaking the movie. Like the documentary film style with out the shaky hand cam crap. Very well done.

They have to do a sequel.


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"Yes, go see it in the theatre now!"


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Quote (ZeroArmour @ Aug. 17 2009, 5:13 am)
I's very good, not "perfect", but what is these days.

And it's way better than anything Hollywood is churning out right now.

Hollywood sucks


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The two guys on "At The Movies" really raved about it last night.


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you know whats funny... i have no idea what this movie is about... im in the middle of finals at school in bangkok and ive only heard about it... havnt had the time nor drive to search about it on the net... i am a sci fi loving american in thailand, and my campus is kinda in the middle of nowhere... i will deff try and find a theater playing it here, but i doubt any are... i will deff check it out as soon as possible.. i had no idea it would be so good... i cant wait


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Go see it.  NOW.


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Yes, about 8 of us saw it the night before last, and thoroughly enjoyed it. All of us found ourselves thinking about it quite alot the next day, and then discussin it in detail.

A really good science fiction film with a strong message, superb effects and a quirky style that sort of defies categorizing.

Go see it! :cool:


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its not playing in thailand :(

ill have to wait... im sure ill hear about the sory from my euar, aussie, and american freinds b4 i see it, which sucks


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I saw District 9 last night and I loved it.  It's one of those great sci-fi films.  Go see it!


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Yeah it's a good Action Sci-fi flick.
And it's a thousand times better than JJ's mess.

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