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9 out of 10 Trekkies Agree


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Quote (Avian005 @ Aug. 16 2009, 10:13 pm)
All the poll shows it the majority opinon of the people. ¿I have my own opinion and that's the only opinion that matters to me. ¿I loved Star Trek XI. ¿There was some problems, I know, but I loved it. ¿Is it the best Star Trek film? ¿No, but its up there.

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What is the point of all this mindless back and forth "Yes you did" / "No I didn't" prattle?

Moving on...

Like a lot of other users, i thought STXI was good, but far from great. Of the three movies that I actually bothered going to the theater to see, this one was watchable enough, but just barely.

BTW, Watchmen and G.I.Joe sucked.


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Quote (Baratine @ Aug. 27 2009, 9:26 pm)
Wow, I would have thought that going by the box office numbers, more than 4 to 5,000 people went to see the movie.

They did... again and again.


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I did not like the new movie at first, then it grew on me, then I hated it. The other week I bought the Rifftrax and I must say I love the movie now!


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people over-use the quote button too much. they need to remove the quote button


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Quote: PhantomCrunk007 @ Aug. 15 2009, 1:31 am
Must Go!  9501
Go  1574
So-so  295
No  73
Oh No!  134
Five Stars   64.37 % (2600 votes)  
Four Stars   21.42 % (865 votes)  
Three Stars   6.54 % (264 votes)  
Two Stars   2.55 % (103 votes)  
One Star   5.13 % (207 votes)  

Box Office Mojo
As:  2,510  82.2%
Bs:  367  12.0%
Cs:  62  2.0%
Ds:  24  0.8%
Fs:  91  3.0%
10 + Best Trek movie ever (42%)
10 (but not best) (26%)
9 (13%)
8 (8%)
7 (4%)
6 (2%)
5 (1%)
4 (1%)
3 (1%)
2 (1%)
1 (2%)
Total Votes: 3380

Just thought i'd remind some people.

Internet polls along with so many have been the end all off everything....LMAO


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I thought the new movie was good. It wasn't the best Trek movie ever, but the positive elements, in my opinion, outweigh the bad. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

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