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Star Trek Deep Space Nine Dominion Wars


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Report this Aug. 12 2009, 1:46 pm

I've been trying to get Star Trek Deep Space Nine Dominion Wars to work on Windows XP service pack 2, but everytime that I try to launch the program (even when I go into the program's properties and tell it to launch it as though it is on Windows 98/ME) all I get is an error box with the message "Ds9dw.exe has encountered a problem".  I've tried setting my computers screen resolution all the way down to 800x600, but even then I still get the same message.  

Does anyone know how to fix this?  Are there are patches, even fan patches, for the program to run on XP S2?


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Report this Jan. 05 2010, 6:56 am

Dominion Wars does run on Windows XP SP3. I have added the information I know on the wikipedia and memory alpha.

Dominion Wars is known not to work on certain video cards. The following Video cards are confirmed compatible:

nVidia: TNT2~GeForce FX 5900(with old drivers)
ATI: Radeon cards 9200 ~ HD3650
SiS 630 Integrated graphics

The following video cards are confirmed NOT working with Dominion Wars:

Intel integrated Graphics processor
VIA Chrome9 HC IGP
nVidia GeForce 6100~7900 series

If you have a v1.04 disc, you don't need any patch. There are different version of DW that require different patches:

US version 1.01: need US 1.01-1.04 patch
Europe version 1.03: need Europe 1.03-1.04 patch
German version 1.03: need German 1.03-1.04 patch

Do not download or use the v1.05 patch which will make the game unplayable. After patched, set compatibility mode to Windows98/Me if you are using Windows XP.

* DW requires at least one CD/DVD drive. If you have a laptop, use daemon-tools or alcohol 52% to emulate a CD drive. You can use no-cd exe, but a CD/DVD drive is still necessary.

* DW doesn't like multiple monitors or video cards, even if you have only one monitor or video card connected, but with two or more in device manager. Check your device manager and remove or delete unused monitors.

* DW might not run on Vista, Windows 7 or any x64 operating system.

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