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zeroarmour please read this


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i noticed that candy posted an older post of mine, that remarked on your dour attitude.  it was used out of context and i never meant any harm by it.  when i posted it, it was in the moment, and more of a joke... i hope you remember what we were talking about.  you are correct, i dont know you, and that, i am sure, is a shame.  i am sorry if you took my post the wrong way, it was a sad attempt at being funny, which ive never been very good at.  i humbly apologize and hope that you have no hard feelings.

i have no problem with anyone on these boardes, but i would appreciate it if my posts were no longer used in arguments, espiacaly personal ones.

again, zeroarmour, please accept my sincerist apology

in good faith,


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Hell, I met Zero around 4 or 5 years ago on this board, and he was dour then, too... :D

He may take certain facets of life a trifle seriously at times, or on average, actually, but he's okay in my book. And in yours as well, from what you've said.

Cheers. :cool: :rookie: :cool:


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Cool. Let peace continue to reign on our boards.  :)

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