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Book Canon


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Quote (Captain_Storma @ Sep. 05 2009, 6:23 pm)
Quote (ZeroArmour @ Aug. 18 2009, 12:53 pm)
The way I see it we have at least three timelines.

1) The real timeline, proceeding from Nemesis (and on through Destiny).

2) Whatever timeline old Spock came from (Countdown shows the Vulcan capital intact).

3) The new STXI timeline (where everything gets changed, even when there's no reason for it).

You are right...

Seems that Countdown and STO are set in yet another alternate timeline.

Old Spock did not come from the 'real' timeline? I thought Countdown wasn't canon since it isn't on a screen.


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the time line thing DONT MATTER here! the rell queston is or they going to make a new Tv or move prime if it no and at the momint it seems so! then yes the book or 100% Canon for prime


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Hey this book canon can get pretty ugly. Does anyone want some jumbo shrimp?

;)  :cool:   :D


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Book canon, screen canon, grappling with temporal physics...
This is why I love Trek discussions!

Personally, I love the fact that the Trek universe does not fit together neatly. That's part of the fun! Jigsaw puzzles are ten times more challenging and fun if you're missing 10+ pieces. Even better if you've got some pieces from another puzzle mixed in :-)

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