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Which books are set after the series' ended?


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Well okay DS9 you've got...

Avatar (pt 1&2)
Section 31: Abyss
Demons of Air and Darkness
Horn and Ivory

~those are all together in Twist of Faith~

Rising Son
Left Hand of Destiny

Mission Gamma: 1~4
= Twilight
<...i hope I can be forgiven at this point as I can't for the life or me remember what the title of the second one is!!>
= Cathedral
= Lesser Evil

Worlds of Deep Space Nine vol.1~3
Fearful Symmetry
The Soul Key
The Never Ending Sacrifice

Others: A Stitch in Time
Lives of Dax

I'm probably forgetting something apart from that bloody title which I'm sure I'll remember the moment I log off as always happens!!

Try look up Relaunch on Memory Beta. Voyager I can't help you with. (gomen-kudasai... sorry.)


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These are the Voyager Relaunch books...a continuation of what happened after Voyager returned to the Alpha Q...

Farther Shore
Spirit Walk - Old Wounds
Spirit Walk - Enemy Of My Enemy
Full Circle

Then there's Distant Shores(a collection of short but great stories) and the String Theory Trilogy, all came out after the series ended but set during their time in the DQ...

Distant Shores
String Theory Book 1 - Cohesion
String Theory Book 2 - Fusion
String Theory Book 3 - Evolution

Hope I got it all right :D...


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Yeah. Pretty much. There's another omnibus of the first two Mission Gamma books if that's easier. And Left Hand of Destiny is I think just before or after Rising Son (But they don't appear to have a lot to do with each other because one is Jake in the Gamma Quadrant and the other is Worf and Martok in the Klingon Empire.)

Soul Key has just come out everywhere except New Zealand it seems :angry:  and Never Ending Sacrifice is either out very soon or just out as well... although not until october in NZ. :angry:

Memory Beta gives a pretty comprehensive list, by all accounts. There's also a couple of comic book series, one of which I'm currently umming and aahing about whether I wanna get.

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