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Would VOYAGER have been the same without Kes?


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Kesfan74656 I have to admit, I was curious what you were going to add, here. Ha! ha!

You brought up some good points, though. And I agree totally about the sweetness, thing.

 A lot of women got it in their head that if they're not bitchy, they're not going to be respected at all.

But an approachable woman who happens to be very beautiful, that's a great combination.

I'm glad I'm not the only man who appreciates that.

Matthias Russell

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Good points kesfan. I didn't give her quiet strength much thought. I do think her character needed more work and had allot of unused potential and would put most of that blame on poor imagination of the writers. They replaced the sweet girl next door with raw sexuality. But then, chakotay was underdeveloped too. I don't regret kes's loss anymore than yar's though, I just never got attached.


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I know. I don't expect even some Voyager fans to be into her, and that's everyone's right. I think that perhaps one of the things that might have helped, is if they had gotten her out of sickbay,  more, perhaps given her more to do-say, like Harry, taking an additional position on the Bridge, expanding her knowledge.She as an Ocampan could learn more quickly than many species, and thus, she could have taken some courses, and gained practical, on-the-job experience, like a cadet on a training cruise.  Learning more and more was endemic to Kes.Don't get me wrong-I liked her as a nurse-it fit so well her personality-but, to be fair, it may have pidgeonholed her some.I loved the telepathic aspect,myself,however, and would have liked to have seen her develop those more, and it could have been done,without making her the 'let's do the mindtrick of the week' thing, as they succeeded with Deanna in TNG, who could have fallen into the empathic trap...Again, here, I liked her as Counselor-I think Kes, certainly from a compassion standpoint, could have been a fine one, though the nature of the series was that the Family acted, at various places and times, as the means of that.Point of al is, Troi was taken further some. I wish the same could have been for Kes, and I've seen among quite a few fans, of varying degrees of interest in Kes, all acknowledge that they felt the writers could have done more.

''If I were captain, i'd open every crack in the universe, and peek inside, just like Captain Janeway does''-Kes, ''The Cloud''

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