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iRiffs? Anyone tried them?


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Report this Aug. 06 2009, 9:28 pm

So has anyone checked out the iRiffs available on of the Voyager stuff so far? I've seen the official Rifftrax of movies V-VII mentioned on here, but not a mention of the available Voyager iRiffs. I'll admit two things right up front: I'm kind of the head of all of this silliness, SO this is somewhat of a shameless plug, BUT I'm also genuinely interested in feedback, and this seemed like a good place to get some. If there are any volunteers, I'd gladly give away one free copy to someone on these forums to start the ball rolling for feedback.

If you're not familiar with the Rifftrax idea: It's like MST3K, but with MP3 files you listen to along with films. That way they can pick any film, new or old, and release it without infringing on coyprights. You just synch it up and enjoy.

If you're not familiar with iRiffs: Last year Rifftrax opened up the arena to homemade Rifftrax, from anyone who wanted to make one. Generally cheaper and of varying quality, but definitely some groups are gaining popularity and steady audiences. Almost everything has a sample for you to try it out before you buy it.

I just finished a massive crossover with three other groups, finishing up disc 2 of season 1 (going to attempt to riff the entire first two seasons eventually) and I thought this would be a good time to post a 'hey, come check us out!' thread here.

And if you're curious, here's my background with Voyager: When it was coming out, I was totally uninterested, but had MANY friends who were into it. I kept telling them, 'Well, definitely let me know when they get home. That's where the story I'm interested in will start. I could care less about them essentially retreading TOS, just like TNG, AGAIN. But man, think of all the political drama you could wring out of them reaching the Alpha Quadrant! Are the Maquis members of the crew accepted, promoted, or thrown in jail? The Doctor's burgeoning sentience, what comes of that? Etc. etc. etc.' And then it ended, and I found out they are literally 'home' for approximately .9 seconds in part 2 of the series ender. Ouch.

Still curious to at least get a taste of the series, I started looking through reviews from someone whose tastes I seemed to share (Jammer -- and went through and watched anything that got less than 1 star or more than 3 stars (he has a 4-star system), and all the season-ender two-parters. I am, overall, a Voyager hater, I'll admit (IT'S SO MUCH WASTED POTENTIAL!!!;), but I definitely did purely enjoy some episodes ("One," "Unforgettable" and "Year of Hell" in particular). I'm not trying to bash anyone for liking these, far from it. I'm HOPING we try to keep the jokes focused on the ludicrousness of things, not the (perceived) quality of the show (though I'll admit, our riff of "Caretaker" is probably a bit on the cruel side--it was my first, so ...).

Anyway, let me know! Check them out at:

1. Caretaker:
2. Parallax:
3. Time & Again:
4. Phage:
5. The Cloud:
6. The Eye of the Needle:
7. Ex Post Facto:

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