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Worst Star Trek Episode Ever


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"Fury" was the worst. No doubt about that.

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I would have to say that the only Voyager episode I never really liked was "Fury". I mean they really wrote off Kes pretty well in "The Gift" and she kind of had no reason to be as mad as she was. Not to mention the fact that they didn't abandon her...she chose to leave. So the episode initially never made any sense and was a poor way to bring back a wonderful character.

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I watched a Voyager episode called Legacy the other day, it was truly terrible, a cringfest of awfullness!


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It has to be "Threshold". That was just *awful*!
Paris goes really fast then turns into a lizard and has Janeway's lizard babies . . .


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The worst episode: definetly the one where janeway and paris turn into lizard.  Who even came up with that?  That was really the only cheesy episode in the series.  There were some boring episodes, but the rest were good

another bad episode: tuvix or whatever it's called... the one where neelix and tuvok merge in a transporter accident


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Well, "Threshold" is the one that  comes to mind. It MIGHT'VE been an interesting idea, breaking the Warp 10 barrier, but the turning into lizard thing? That was just WEIRD. I guess you might call it a "plot twist", but it just seemed too weird for that. It lacked the quality the other episodes did. Actually, when I watched it just recently (I'm going through Voyager again) I loved it, because it was just funny. I just sat there and laughed.

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