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Starship Mine


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Anyone else think "Starship Mine" was a great episode? ¿I thought it was very thrilling and suspenseful, and Picard made a good action hero. ¿I thought it had some similarities to Die Hard, one of my favorite movies. ¿Even some of the dialogue was similar:

Terrorist: You're Starfleet. ¿You won't kill me.
Picard: You sure?

Terrorist: You won't hurt me.
McClane: Oh yeah, why not?
Terrorist: Because you're a policeman. ¿There are rules for policemen.
McClane: Yeah, that's what my captain keeps telling me.

I also thought Data trying to make non-relevant conversation, or "small talk", was absolutely hilarious.


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This is my oldest brother's favorite episode.  He just turned 45 and my son gave him a Nero action figure for his B-Day.  I think the parts he likes most are what you mentioned, Picard alone against terrorists, and Data hilarious "smalltalk".

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