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Best Star Trek friendship


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Worf And Riker Seemed Very Close As Well Idk If Anyone Rembs. that.

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..I will say, as my very first thought, upon seeing the thread topic-as so many would in a heartbeat...KIRK, AND SPOCK.....two Brothers....

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in star trek there's only one friendship that is on a sibling/family level. Kirk and Spock. Sure the other characters are friends but kirk and spock know each other inside/out.

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I completely agree with the below post. Kirk and Spock have shown a great devotion to one another and could be said to be much more than mere friends, but in fact brothers. With all they've been through it isn't surprising.

While I admire their friendship among others. I would have to say another that is at the top of my favorites list is the friendship between Data and Geordi.

Keep in mind, I'm not being biased because Data happens to be a high favorite of mine.

In Data's quest to become more human as each day passes, he must also learn the essence of humanity. One part of being who we are is the friends we have around us. They help the makeup of ourselves in one way or another. And as Geordi and Data grows closer, so does Data to his understanding of what being a human is. We love and care for those around us.



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i dont think it is a matter of which is the best friendship. each series had unique friend ships.

i do think one of the most unique is Janeway and Seven of Nine. janway was the most pivitol in Anna"seven's" transition ack to being human, along with the Doctor!

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DS9 - Bashier and O'Brien - hands down!

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