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Star Trek Generations THE REAL ENDING


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This topic is a MUST READ for all TOS and TNG fans

This is my gift to all Star Trek fans and to the Star Trek franchise itself

Star Trek Generations: The Real Ending

By Ali88

Kirk and Picard leave the Nexus and they both go back a short time in the past and go on board the bridge of the Enterprise D literally right after Picard had spoken to the Duras sisters over the bridge viewscreen

Everyone on the bridge recognises Kirk and is shocked to see him. Picard explains everything to everyone and everyone on the bridge greets Kirk.

Kirk meets Data and Picard explains he is an android who wishes to evolve his programming to become human and mentions he has an emotion chip that allows him to experience human emotions.

Kirk is somewhat alarmed and disturbed by Data but finds him very fascinating and says Data reminds him of someone else he once knew (Spock)

Picard explains to Riker that he'll beam down to Soran but says that Soran will not be reasoned with and he must be stopped, no matter what. Picard says he?ll need someone else with him and decides to take Data with him and leave Kirk behind on the Enterprise. Picard leaves Riker in command and takes a phaser and a video communicator with him.

Picard and Data head to the Transporter room whilst Riker and Troi take Kirk on a tour around the Enterprise D.

Picard beams down to Veridian III as Geordi is beamed back on board. The transporter manages to faintly trace Picard's co-ordinates and makes it possible to beam Data down without the Klingons detecting him. Data apologises to an unconscious Geordi just before he beams down.

But Data has been beamed a mile away from Picard. Picard meets with Soran and attempts to reason with him one last time but fails.

Soran ignores Picard and carries on with his work on the probe whilst Picard wonders off and finds the gap hole in the forcefield and secretly meets up with Data and tells him to get through the gap hole and get to the launcher while he distracts Soran.

Picard talks with Soran again and provokes him into a tense argument about death and mortality whilst Data manages to get through the gap hole and heads to the launcher but Soran sees him and shoots at him several times. Data retreats and Soran goes after him.

Meanwhile on the Enterprise D, Riker, Kirk and Troi return to the bridge from the tour and Kirk is overwhelmed and says the Enterprise is magnificent and is rather envious of Picard. Kirk sees the captain?s chair and requests to sit in it. Riker accepts.

As Kirk sits himself down in the captain's chair, the Duras sisters have found the Enterprise's shield frequency and open fire at the Enterprise.

A computer console explodes in front of Riker and knocks him out unconscious. Kirk takes command of the Enterprise and takes it into battle with the Klingons. Kirk hails the Klingons but they don't respond. Kirk orders Worf to fire all weapons at the Klingons.

The Enterprise D and the Klingon Bird of prey engage in a violent and ruthless battle. The Klingons inflict heavy damage to the Enterprise but Worf fires a final spread of photon torpedoes and destroys the Klingon ship.

Picard has got through the gap hole and goes after Soran.
Soran sees Data crossing the large steel bridge and fires at one end of the bridge, causing one end of the bridge to collapses down and Data slides down the bridge and falls down the cliff and vanishes.

Picard attacks Soran and forces Soran to drop his gun and it falls down the cliff. Picard and Soran engage in a fistfight. Picard begins to wear Soran down but Soran ends up punching Picard hard enough that he crashes down the cliff and vanishes. Soran pulls out a second weapon and climbs down the cliff in search of Picard.

Back on the Enterprise D, Riker regains consciousness and Kirk explains that the Klingons attacked the ship and he took command of the Enterprise and defeated them in battle. Worf reports heavy damage to the Enterprise with the warp drive disabled, the impulse drive and the sensor systems heavily damaged, the weapons systems are offline, the transporter and the shields are destroyed.

Geordi reports that the ship is less than 20 minutes away from a warp core breach and there is nothing he can do to stop it.

Riker orders the emergency saucer separation but Worf reports it is offline.

There's a hauntingly silent moment on the bridge. Riker orders all hands to head to the escape pods and abandon the Enterprise. Kirk stands in protest but Riker says there is no other option.

Data has found Soran's weapon and is climbing up the cliff but sees Picard at the bottom. Soran approaches Picard and is about to shoot him but Data shoots at the other end of the steel bridge and causes the whole bridge itself to violently crash down the cliff and it collapses on Soran and crushes him alive.

Picard meets up with Data and tells him to check on Soran while he de-activates the probe.

Just as the Nexus is approaching, Picard gets to the launcher and de-activates the probe and the Nexus flies past.

Data meets up with Picard and says he could not find Soran. Meanwhile, not far away, a heavily injured and crippled Soran crawls across the ground near by the steel bridge debris and sees that the probe has not launched and the Nexus has flown past. Soran watches the Nexus fly off into the distance until it vanishes.

Soran becomes silently enraged but then pulls out a control pad and re activates the probe and puts it on a launch timer of 12 minutes and activates a very powerful forcefield around the launcher.

He calls out to Picard and explains that he has reactivated the probe and in 12 minutes the probe will launch at the star and points out he has activated a forcefield around the launcher and the only way to deactivate the forcefield is the control pad.

Soran switches the control pad off and smashes to pieces on the ground and he dies. Picard and Data realize they can't get past the forcefield and they can't stop the probe.

Meanwhile back on the Enterprise D, as everyone is leaving the bridge, Troi asks Kirk to go into Picard's ready room and get his family album.

Kirk retrieves it but finds everyone has left the bridge and Kirk stands all alone on the bridge. Picard contacts the bridge through the video communicator.

Kirk puts Picard on the viewscreen and Picard explains the situation and asks Kirk if he can beam him and Data up and if the Enterprise can locate the solar probe and lock onto with torpedoes. Kirk uses the helm controls and locates the launcher but Kirk explains that the Klingons attacked the Enterprise and caused heavy damage to the ship and the weapons systems are offline and the transporter is destroyed and the ship is minutes away from a warp core breach and that the emergency saucer separation is offline and everyone is abandoning the ship.

Picard tells Kirk to get off the ship and orders him and everyone else to get as far away from Veridian III as possible.

Picard vanishes off the view screen and Kirk stands and thinks too himself a moment. He checks and sees that the automatic helm controls are offline. Kirk then runs out of the bridge.

Kirk races through the Enterprise and to the escape pod bay where Riker, Worf, Troi and several other crewmembers are in the last escape pod waiting for Kirk.

Kirk runs up to them and gives Picard's family album to Troi and is about to get into the pod but then stops and thinks to himself for a moment. Riker tells Kirk to get into the pod but Kirk closes the escape pod door, locks down the pod hatch and ejects the escape pod out into space

Kirk is now completely alone on the empty Enterprise D

Kirk runs out the pod bay and races through the corridors and heads back to the bridge (the way he raced to the deflector control room on the Enterprise B).

Kirk gets back to the bridge and contacts Picard again and tells him that he is the only person left on the Enterprise and tells him that the automatic helm controls are offline so he must stay behind on the Enterprise and stop the probe from hitting the star. Picard realizes what Kirk is about to do and orders Kirk to get off the ship but Kirk says all the escape pods are gone and explains that he and his crew must live on and this is the only way to stop the probe from destroying the star and that this is the only to save Picard and his crew.

Kirk switches off the viewscreen and uses the helm controls to locate the solar probe and calculate it's exact target aim at the star.

Kirk uses all the impulse power that?s left to position the Enterprise in the probe?s position aim.

The Enterprise D is now exactly between Veridian III and the Veridian Star.

Kirk looks around at the empty Enterprise bridge, taking a moment to only imagine all the adventures Picard and his crew have embarked on that he has missed out all on.

Kirk then sits himself down in the captain's chair for the last time.

On Veridian III, Picard and Data can only stand and watch as the solar probe is launched up in the sky. In a matter of seconds, the probe shoots up into space and flies directly towards the Enterprise and hits the bottom surface of the Enterprise's saucer section and the whole ship blows up in a gigantic dark blue coloured explosion.

Captain James T Kirk and the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 D are no more

Down on Veridian III, Picard and Data look up and see the gigantic explosion that blocks out the Veridian star completely like a solar eclipse. The explosion casts a hauntingly dark shadow down on Picard and Data. The giant explosion eventually clears away and the Veridian star reappears and shines back down on Picard and Data. The escape pods land on the planet and everyone meets up with Picard and Data and Picard explains everything to them.

The whole crew realizes that the legendary Captain James T Kirk himself has just sacrificed the-already-doomed Enterprise D and given his own life to save the Enterprise D crew from the solar probe.

Hours later, the USS Enterprise B, re designed as a emergency rescue ship, arrives in the Veridian system and orbits Veridian III and brings the Enterprise D crew up on board the ship. The Enterprise B leaves orbit of Veridian III and flies out towards the Veridian star

James T Kirk gives "The Enterprise motto" voiceover for the last time:

"Space the final frontier... These are the continuing voyages of the starship Enterprise, it's ongoing mission: To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilisations... To boldly go... Where no Generation has gone... Before"

The Enterprise B disappears into the Veridian Star


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