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Worfs Hair


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Quote: 267198ed @ Feb. 07 2011, 3:29 pm

Quote: TashaYar86 @ Sep. 02 2009, 10:49 am

I hate Worf so I dont care about his hair.
Cracks me up every time I read this! I would be worried if you hated someone and did care about their hair. But seriously, why is he the only Klingon with non-mangy hair? It is just because he's a Starfleet officer and it would be unbecoming, does he care about his hygiene more because he grew up around humans...or would all Klingons have nice hair if they took a little time just to brush it? I still like the idea that they don't have conditioner on the Klingon homeworld, but you think they would have advanced past that by now.

She hates Worf because he took over as cheif of security after Tasha got eaten by that grumpy tar monster thing.

I'm sure Worf bathed regularly in Starfleet, as sonic showers are readily available. Traditional Kilingons probably didn't care so much about hygiene.

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Quote: starshipgalleyrat6987 @ Jan. 16 2011, 12:17 pm

>now, now Tasha...I say we shave him bald & start all over again! lol ya think?


That I would love to see



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in other news...Worf’s prosthetic forehead changed in season 2 because the original was stole. Why his hair changed to much, well who knows, indecisiveness?

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personally i liked worfs hair shortt,,,gotta love his son's hair tho!

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I liked Worf with the ponytail.

Who am I to argue with the captain of the Enterprise?


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Long hair Worf is sexy!


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Totally ponytail! I liked it in Parallels for that one scene with Troi when he had his hair out of the ponytail, LOL.

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