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who is the best male charicter...


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come on i'M HANGIN here


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LOL, there are so many of these types of threads it's not even funny.


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so i like it


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The most freakin' awesome Star Trek character EVER... with hot blue eyes.


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Quote (MarmaladeSkies @ Aug. 04 2009, 9:01 pm)
Hmm...not sure yet...I like both Data and Worf. Wesley's not gonna get my vote, though. :laugh:

Totally agreed there. Little smartass twit.


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Data. :D


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Riker.  :kiss:


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Data is obviously the best. :D Wesley should have been killed off before TNG even started.


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Well, when you look at them all, none of them are extremely grand examples of what to be in aspect of a man's life.

Picard is obviously someone to look up to, as his dedication to bettering himself and working for the good of the universe are admirable traits; when it comes to being in touch with himself though, Picard has room to grow. Riker (eventually) masters the balance of work/personal relations; he's overly confident though, and his sense of humor is sometimes so awkward that he comes across uncaring. Data has an unfair advantage in this category, so I'll skip the wonderful things we can take from him. Geordi is knowledgeable AND skilled in his profession, as well as creative and inventive when unusual situations arise; his personal life seems to take a back seat to everything, and even when he has a chance to strengthen himself there, he usually ends up visiting the holodeck or consuming himself in his work. Worf is mighty, brave, honorable, and physically superior; he's emotionally scrambled though, which is perhaps the greatest downfall of any man...or woman. Wesley is intelligent and has a much greater desire to succeed than most his age; Wesley also takes underestimated risks to achieve that desired success.

So...after all is said and done, it all comes down to a matter of favoritism. Guess who I voted for. (Hint: You may see things a little differently than me.)


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Data got my vote. It wasn't a easy pick neither. Picard, Riker, Worf, Crusher, and La Forge are all great characters. They are all part of the best Trek team ever. Everyone of them does their job and are #### good at it.


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Data is not male. It is a glorified robot that was built to resemble a human male.

Just fyi.

(I voted for Picard.)


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Picard and Data are #1 and 1A in my mind. I if I had to decide between the two of them, I'd have to pick Picard. Data has the edge when it comes to comedy, but at its heart Star Trek is drama, and nobody (not even David Warner, who did his best) can out drama Patrick Stewart and Picard.



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Data's awesome

Picard to but data definitely.

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