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The Vulcans in ENT


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Quote (Dbear1 @ Sep. 13 2009, 11:29 am)
I know some will disagree with me on this, but I actually preferred that the Vulcans showed a bit of emotion once in awhile.


I very much agree with you, Dbear!

And you gave very good reasons to support us.


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I never could really understand why some fans see ENT Vulcans as "too different or too emotional" than in the other series/films.

While watching TOS and TNG, I didn't see their Vulcans totally unimotional - they just rather tried to wear a nothing-in-this-universe-can-ever-surprise me mask, that's all. For Spock that also seemed like part of a game - to be imperturbable unlike those Humans - and that's what he did becasue he was under a constant stream of jokes and provoking remarks.

When we see Spock or Sarek in public, they usually wear Vulcany masks. While not in public they may get rather emotional, though usually under infulences of something.
Tuvok - I haven't seen much of him yet, but from what I have seen I can say there's at least one emotion he shows quite often - his discontent with something/somebody (especially Neelix), which is quite in accord what T'Pol also shows in the earlier episodes.

On the whole, it seems to me that ENT probably shows Vulcans in more differring situations than in the other series, that's what may somehow produce an impression that ENT Vulcans are "different".

A little out of theme:
I've always wondered if Spock was surprised, while seeing the Romulan Commander in BoT, not only that Romulans looked like Vulcans, but also that one of them looks exactly like his father?

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