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Report this Jul. 30 2009, 2:53 am

Hello again everyone,

I had previously posted a thread entitled STAR TREK XI SHOULD HAVE BEEN A STRAIGHT REBOOT BASED ON TRUE HISTORICAL TREK CANON! Please disregard that thread entirely! I apologize for it. I had spoken in error and now I stand corrected! I now feel that STAR TREK XI actually was a reboot that takes place in its own alternate existence, like any reboot would. It has nothing to do with the original Trek timeline and, therefore, did no harm to it. The earlier timeline that old Spock referred to in the movie was not the original Trek timeline, but a very similar one that actually occurred in this alternate existence. Therefore, it was THAT timeline that had been affected by Nero. With that being said, the Abramsverse timeline can continue on with what STAR TREK XI started with and it must keep on with its wonderful imagery and special effects! At the same time, the original Trek history that we all know and respect will remain intact.

Click on the link below to discover another Star Trek reboot (and an excellent one at that):


Furthermore, the television series ENTERPRISE, although promoted as a prequel, seemed more like a reboot that combined the best 22nd Century adventures of Captain Archer with a TOS-style format, and a bit of TNG sprinkled in. This was done to spice up the story, since the actual adventures of Captain Archer in original Trek history may have seemed too crude, primitive, and uninteresting to a modern-day audience. In addition, STAR TREK XI comes across as a more practical follow-up to ENTERPRISE than TOS does. For example, compare the various sections of the Enterprise starships as they appear in ENTERPRISE and STAR TREK XI. The bridges of both ships are elaborate, spread out, and chock-full of equipment. Their engineering sections are vast and delightfully industrial-looking, giving more of the appearance of what one would probably be like on a starship. In addition, the sickbays of both ships are more spacious and much better equipped, with room for many more patients. A further example would be the way that STAR TREK XI alludes to ENTERPRISE, e.g. the reference to Captain Archer's beagle, plus mention of more advanced experiments in matter teleportation. Therefore, it appears that ENTERPRISE and STAR TREK XI are both part of the same alternate existence and should be respected for this. Star Trek has not only has its original history preserved in its Prime existence, but have been given a fresh new life in this Alternate existence!

Happy days are here again for Star Trek!

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