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Your Ten Best Episodes


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I got so many questions about my "top ten" - I figured it deserved its own thread. Here's mine - show me your top ten list!

1) Similitude
2) Twilight
3) Azati Prime
4) Dead Stop
5) Home
6) The Vulcan Arc
7) Carbon Creek
8) The Forgotten
9) Regeneration
10) Terra Prime


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you guys won't be happy till I'm a neurotic schizoid, having to choose without sub-categories!

still, we can distill a consensus here, then take the conversation back to "Your favorite/best episodes" thread you started.


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I thought of that! That's why I had to start the "guilty pleasures" thread - for those episodes I love even though they are ice cream and not caviar.


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I'm enjoying all these threads "your favorite ENT" "top ten ENT" "best ENT" "why did you LIKE ENT"...sure beats all those negative ones we had for awhile.


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My other top ten...
The Forge
First Flight
E2 ¿
The Council
Carbon Creek
Cease Fire


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E2 - I think that counts as a guilty pleasure....not caviar, but tasty.


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okay, here goes:

Shadows of P'Jem
Shockwave Pt.II
Carbon Creek
First Flight
Azati Prime
Zero Hour
Terra Prime

I CAN COUNT. I'm protesting the fascist circumscription of free thought through the obsessive ordination of otherwise arbitrary criteria.

Because next week the list would be different.


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Brought this post over from the other one. Okay, so on first run I came up with 36. I omitted most of season 4 only because - that was almost a perfect season. The best season of Trek I can think of. It's with great sorrow that the show was canceled after such greatness.

Dear Doctor - it was this or "The Communicator". But a prewarp civilization had to appear. Though "Civilization" was a runner up.

Detained - Archer and Mayweather have their preconceptions of the Suliban challenged. They interfere with an alien culture. Note: "Desert Crossing" is being taken off the list because of the top 10 theme, but I watch these two episodes together. "Desert Crossing is great because Archer's actions catch up to him.

Vox Sola - a perfect Star Trek episode. Everyone has something worth while to do and problems arise from the inability to communicate with a truly different alien life form. This is one of my all time favorite episodes of Star Trek, side by side with "Explorers" from DS9.

Minefield - the Romulans!!! I drove 2hrs and back to a family member's house to watch this episode the night and time it originally aired. It's going to be on here. Note: "Dead Stop", which is an equally great episode, got the boot for the same reasons as "Desert Crossing".

Dawn - again a perfect episode. Another exercise in communication. A plus, Trip learns to watch his mouth in diplomatic situations.

Stigma - perfect. Like TOS, a story with meaning behind it, using a well known technique embedded in lore - the Vulcan Mind Meld.

Canamar - It feels like an Original Series Episode. A lot of them do actually, but I love Archer's report at the end.

Cogenitor - any need to explain?

Stratagem - Archer's tactics are clever.

Bound - the exception of season 4 omissions - as if Orion Slave Women could be omitted. And the turn of the episode - the Orion Males being the slaves rather than the women - brilliant!!! Forty years we've lived with an assumption that the writers turned on its head. Not only did the crew learn something, but the audience did too!! That's STAR TREK. Speaks to the Original Series.


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No particular order:

Broken Bow 1&2
In a Mirror, Darkly 1&2
a Night in Sickbay
Azati Prime
Zero Hour
Future Tense
Shuttlepod One


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Overall rank in parenthasis.

10. Carpenter Street (144) - I know I shouldn't like it, but what the hell, it's just so much fun watching fish out of water.
9. Home (143) - It's nice to finally see Archer growing.  I liked the way they portrayed what really was PTSD, which is the first time any of the really traumatic incidents ever came back to haunt a captain.  
8. Babel One (142) - The amazing acting in this episode was enough to make you forget that they ripped off the plot from TOS, the jokes from TNG and the CGI from Nemesis.  
7. First Flight (135) - This was the first time Archer really acted like...  Well, like he should have acted all along.  It's not Bakula's fault, he needed better direction, and in First Flight, Burton gave him that direction.  That and the strong guest characters made this episode incredibly interesting and entertaining.
6. Bound (134) - Yeah, we all know why I like this one.  Let's not harp on it.
5. Storm Front (133) - SPACE NAZIS!  This was actually the one time Space Nazis were interesting.  TOS screwed it up, Voyager was even worse, but Enterprise came through.  Why?  Because they turned it into an alternate reality action flick that played out like a two-hour movie.  Well done, guys.
4. In a Mirror Darkly (102) - There was some honest to God effort here, and I like that.  This was like a high-budget fanfilm, and that's actually a compliment.
3. Broken Bow (97) - She started well, I'll give her that.  This is actually the opposite of In a Mirror Darkly.  This was a great story that had too little effort in it.  It could have been among the best...  But as it stands it was still #### good.
2. North Star (88) - The most under-rated episode of Enterprise.  It's no secret I love westerns, and this had that space-western feel.  I'll go more in-depth in my review.
1. Simultude (83) - The best episode of Enterprise.  This was an episode that could have fit in with The Origional Series, and that's huge.  Every series has tried to be TOS without success, but this series was able to do it...  Once - but at least it was able to do it.  Also great acting by Connor here.


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Dr. - you've given your opinion on TATV before, but I'm wondering why you like the other eps you've chosen and why you didn't like the ones at the bottom of your list.


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As someone said too, my Top 10 may vary at times, but I think these are I name more often (while on the whole I like all 98):

1) Twilight
2) Similitude
3) Carbon Creek
4) Shuttlepod One
5) Broken Bow
6) Silent Enemy
7) A Night in Sickbay
8) Unexpected
9) Minefield/Dead Stop
10) Acquisition

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