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Dr. Who vs. Spock


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Quote: Trau @ Sep. 26 2010, 9:10 am

Im sorry out_of_this_world, i have to disagree with you, The Doctor is an intellectual Titan compaired to Spock, also he possesses imagination and non lateral thinking - things Spock lacks. Yes,Doctor Who has gotten small and not as big as it should have been after it's resurection, that is no criticism of the series itself, simply of how Russell T. Davies went about doing it. By the way i agree about Pertwee, Tom Baker, and of course that Matt Smith is showing real potential.

Dr Who is endearing and has a magical quality, he acts more like a wizard than a man of science. I just find he has some flaws, flaws which maybe aren't even flaws but they are weaknesses that Spock doesn't have. For example, his world is small, he has been everywhere seen everything there is really nothing that can surprise him and this lack of scientific curiosity and amazement is what Spock brings. Spock is much closer to any one I can understand. To use a Lord of the Rings analogy Dr Who is like Tom Bombadil and Spock is like Gandalf.

All I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by

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