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Rewriting My Rise Of Khan story!


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Stardate 2260.250

A Ferengi Marauder intercepts the Botany Bay floating in space. Three Ferengi (The Damon, an appraiser, and the doctor) board the ship to acquire property and assets.

Damon Tong This is Damon Tong check our newly acquired database for records of this ship.

Appraiser But Damon there is nothing but old cryo-stasis technology here. It is virtually worthless on the market. It would cost more to¿¿

Damon Tong Quiet! There is a reason why these humans are frozen and I want to know why. Remember the 283rd rule of acquisition. One mans junk is another mans treasure.

Appraiser And you should remember the 218th rule of acquisition Sometimes what you get free costs entirely too much.

Records Officer Damon Another Marauder tried to acquire assets about 100 years ago on a human ship unsuccessfully.

Damon Tong I don¿t think these are the same type humans as the ship has no warp drive. Look harder!

Records Officer Yes Damon

Side note: Remember in Voyager 11:59 how Seven found some accurate photos on Janeway's family from the 21st century from an old Ferengi database? Well this same Ferengi Database will have information on the Eugenics wars.

Records Officer Ah I have found something. Damon these humans are on a prison ship. They are from a period of human history in which they experimented with genetic engineering.

Damon Tong Doctor scan these pods I want to know how much this is worth!

Doctor I cannot get an accurate reading until these subjects are awake.

Damon Tong Wake this one.

Appraiser but Damon you heard what¿¿

Damon Tong Shut Up

Doctor He appears to be alive but not moving. This level of genetic research is like nothing I have ever seen.

Damon Tong leans over his face practically touching the subjects.

A hand reaches up and grabs Damon Tong by the neck. We don¿t see Khan¿s face yet in this scene just his hand grasping the Damon Tong¿s neck.

Cut to title screen Star Trek: The Rise Of Khan

Stardate 2260.267

Kirk is escorting Yeoman Colt back to her quarters. They head in to her quarters for this movies steamy sex scene.

Yeoman Colt Captain are you sure we should be doing this? You know regulations!

Kirk What the rest of the crew doesn¿t know won¿t hurt them. Besides even a starship captain needs some love.

Yeoman Colt You most certainly do sir.

Kirk Call me Jim when we are off duty.

Yeoman Colt He He Jim as she throws him down on the bed.

Kirk Wow I think I may have to assign you to some security detail.

Chekov and Sulu are in the combat training room. Sulu is trying to teach Chekov to fence.

Chekov You know fencing was invented in mwrother Wrussia.

Sulu Right...........................

Sulu Now you must have to remember the key to fencing is not as much anticipating your opponents next strike but watching the tip of his sword and reacting based on where it is going. Almost like you are always on defense.

Chekov  Wunderstood.

After a good practice session Sulu takes his shirt off.

Chekov How did you get such a wripped chest?

Sulu Why you interested?

Side Note: Yes I have made Sulu gay in this new timeline. It is entirely plausible that events or a person he met in this new timeline have turned him gay. It is as simple as that. Chekov also does not have curly hair anymore. He has styled his hair somewhat differently.  

The next scene is with Spock and Uhura aboard Enterprise in the rec room playing 3-d chess discussing numerous things.

Spock You know, Nyota these past few months with us have been rewarding.

Uhura I know being friends has proved to be better for us in the long run.

Spock Agreed I will always value what we had together in the highest regard.

Uhura Smiles!!! So I heard you went to sickbay earlier. Are you feeling okay?

Spock Yes Dr. McCoy has assisted me.

Uhura What was wrong?

Spock I would prefer not to discuss it.

Uhura Spock we have been through too much to keep secrets.

Spock I am aware of that. I must go to the shuttlebay. Our crew transfers should be arriving within the hour.

Uhura Started to speak but had a shocked look on her face instead as Spock walked out.

Kirk is now alone in his quarters thinking to himself. Kirk is getting frustrated with Starfleet sending the Federations flagship on some tedious missions while other starships like the newly rebuilt Farragaut get all the interesting missions. He feels starfleet has been trying to keep him "out of trouble" and he is starting to think him being promoted to Captain was just a gift for saving Earth.

The U.S.S. Renderer has just finished transferring crew members.

Spock heads to the shuttlebay to welcome the new officers. Among them is Nurse (Ensign) Christine Chapel and Ensign Desalle.

Spock Welcome aboard the Enterprise. I expect your performance on this ship to be nothing short of exemplary. Report to sickbay for your physical and then to your department heads. Dismissed.

Spock feels a little woozy.

Nurse Chapel Sir I am a nurse are you feeling okay?

Spock yes yes I am fine. Report to Dr. McCoy.

Spock heads to his quarters.

Nurse Chapel Aye Sir

Nurse Chapel Doctor McCoy Nurse Chapel reporting for duty sir.

McCoy turns around in amazement and can barely speak. Uh Yes nurse you will have to excuse me I have had a long day. I am have been working on a medical guide for Starfleet medical.

Nurse Chapel What is it called?

McCoy Comparative Alien Physiology  

Nurse Chapel Sounds like quite an undertaking.

McCoy It may take a few years to complete. Help me with these crew transfer physicals nurse.

Nurse Chapel Yes Sir

McCoy You don¿t have to address me as sir. I won¿t bite your head off. Call me Doctor in sickbay.

Nurse Chapel Yes Doctor

McCoy would you like a grab a bite to eat in the mess hall when we are off duty?

Nurse Chapel Smiles Sure Doctor

Spock walks into sickbay looking flustered

Spock Doctor I need to see you again.

McCoy come over here. Look I cannot treat this condition you have. You have to tell the captain otherwise it may interfere with your duties.

Spock I understand the dilemma I am in. I may have an alternative.

McCoy Which is what?

Spock I may be able to take a human companion?

McCoy Are you out of your Vulcan mind? (All of sickbay almost hears him raise his voice) Your Pon Farr or whatever you call it is already different because of your half human dna. You could kill someone who is unfamiliar with your condition.

Spock I am aware of this doctor. What would you have me do? Vulcan is at least 10 days away ay maximum warp and I cannot ask the captain to alter his course for one crew member. That is not logical.

McCoy Alter our gaseous anomaly charting course.

Spock Doctor it is not up to me where starfleet chooses to send this ship.

McCoy Okay I will give you another injection but that will only minimize the side effects for so long. I will relieve you of duty and report this to the captain the instant I see this affect your duties.

Spock Understood Doctor and Thank You

McCoy and Chapel head to the recreation room for a bite to eat. They seem to hit it off when McCoy tells Chapel the story of how his wife divorced him 6 years ago and left him with nothing but his bones. Hint Here for Star Trek 13 maybe?

Stardate 2260.268

Uhura Captain I am receiving a distress call from a Klingon supply space station.

Kirk A general distress call from the Klingons? Are you sure Lieutenant?

Uhura Positive sir.

Spock That is most puzzling. The Klingons must be in serious trouble since they don¿t usually ask for anyone¿s help.

Kirk Let¿s investigate. Uhura feed the coordinates of that distress call to the helm. Mr Sulu plot a course for that outpost warp 7. Yellow alert.

We hear that familiar sonic boom as the Enterprise goes to warp.

The Enterprise arrives at the Klingon outpost to find an unidentified ship docked with it.

Kirk Spock scan the unidentified ship and the station.

Spock The unidentified ship has 70 crewman all dead. The station has 73 human life signs.

Kirk Human life signs? What about Klingon?

Spock 150 Klingons all dead.

Kirk Uhura hail the station.
Uhura There is no response sir.

Kirks assembles a boarding party consisting of Spock, Sulu and two red shirts. One is the "cupcake" red shirt. Another is Ensign Johns. They head to the Transporter room where Scotty meets them. Kirk gives Uhura the Conn.

Scotty Sir We just finished upgrading the pattern receivers.

Kirk Get us as close to the main power storage units as possible so we can avoid being detected.

Keenser pops out from under the transporter pad where he is still doing some upgrades.

Scotty #### you! This was supposed to be done yesterday crewman. And where is your uniform?

Keenser Forgot Laundry!

Kirk It¿s okay Scotty can we beam over?

Scotty Yes captain it is just a pattern receiver upgrade for some new specs.

The five of them beam over to a small power storage room and see no one in sight. Spock and Sulu pull out their Tricorders to scan for life signs.

Spock captain we are too close to the main power storage to get an accurate reading.

Kirk Proceed slowly, phasers on stun.

I will give you the general idea of the fire fight without writing a book.

They head down a corridor only to be ambushed by two augments one female and one male with Klingon disrupters. "Cupcake" is the first to be hit in the neck and is killed immediately with half of his face charred off. Spock hits the male augment with the phaser set on stun. The male augment is still fighting.

Spock They appear to be human captain. But the phaser on stun seems to have little effect.

Kirk We are humans just like you stop firing.

The female augment rolls across the corridor floor like making a suicide run and hits the other red shirt Ensign Johns in the leg.

Sulu I just shot her I am positive.

Kirk Set phasers to kill.

Kirk lays cover fire and Sulu and Spock finally stun her with several shots at once. The male augment shoots Kirk in the chest.

Spock Enterprise the captain is seriously wounded beam us back now.

Scotty I only have four patterns to lock onto sir.

Spock Now Mr. Scott.

Kirk, "Cupcake", Sulu, and Spock are beamed back. Ensign Johns is not.

Spock Where is Ensign Johns?

Scotty He was too close to the main power storage to get a good lock sir.

Spock Off the transport pad. Beam the captain directly to sickbay.

This is where we get our first good look at Sickbay. New nurse ensign Christine Chapel immediately goes to the biobed where Kirk was transported to and scans him saying he is in critical condition. Dr. McCoy is in the medical lab on deck 6 a few doors down. But was already on his way as soon as the landing party was beamed back. Dr. McCoy arrives and stabilizes the captains condition. Spock arrives shortly thereafter and McCoy gives him the good news. I think I can have him back to duty in a few hours if he is needed.

Meanwhile over on the station Ensign Johns is dragged barely conscious to the stations command center. It is a small room with about six small workstations similar in size to TMP Klingon d-7 cruiser bridge.

Joaquin Make sure you show the proper respect to our leader.

Ensign Johns What are you going to do with me?

Khan turns around and asks are you human?

Ensign Johns Yes I am human. I am a member of starfleet as well.

Starfleet eh.

Joaquin Sir how long¿..

Khan Shh Shh Khan says. What is the current year Ensign Johns?

Ensign Johns It is 2260!

Khan immediately screams and puts his fist straight through a console leaving a gaping hole.

Ensign Johns Our captain may be able to help you with whatever you need.

Khan What is your captain¿s name?

Ensign Johns James Kirk!

Khan We need help from no one!

Ensign Johns If you do not return me to my ship you will face numerous charges.

Khan motions to Joaquin and the other male augment to release Johns from restraints and walks towards him. Johns throws a quick punch that is blocked by Khan with one hand. Khans other hand then grabs Johns by the shoulder turns him around and snaps his neck quickly.

Khan Our time is finally coming. Give me a few more hours of study to assess our situation and then we will beam this broken crew member straight to James Kirk's face.

About six hours later Kirk heads back to the bridge mostly healed up. Spock has been scanning the station more thoroughly.

Spock Captain I can confirm that they are humans but their dna has been altered. Combined with their enhanced quickness and endurance I believe these humans dna have been augmented. The last such report on such humans existing was over a hundred years ago on the NX-01 Enterprise commanded by Jonathan Archer.

Kirk I studied some of Archer's missions in early starfleet history. Is Arik Soong still alive?

Spock Unknown after Soong was released from prison in 2205 he disappeared from all known contact.

Kirk Could these be more Augments that Archer had to deal with?

Spock That is a logical assumption captain.

Uhura We are being hailed by the station sir.

Kirk On screen lieutenant.

Khan James Kirk I presume.

Kirk We know you are genetically enhanced humans using research that was banned hundreds of years ago. Who created you?

Khan Created us? We were bred to lead our planet and those who were jealous of our abilities tried to murder us. We would all be dead if the United States government had its way.

Kirk United States?

Spock motions for Kirk to come over to him. Captain I believe these humans are from Earth's Eugenics wars that lasted from 2015 to 2017. I found a record of a cryogenic prison ship called the Botany Bay that was launched in 2018.

Side Note: I am aware these Eugenics wars took place in the 1990¿s but due to the incursion by the timeship Aeon in ¿Future¿s End¿ some events between 1966 and 1996 will have been altered. It is safe to assume the Eugenics wars could have easily been delayed in this new timeline.

Kirk Perhaps the unidentified aliens woke them and paid the price.

Spock Seems logical.

Khan I have a present for you captain.

Ensign Johns body is beamed directly to the bridge.

Kirk Chekov Are our shields up?

Chekov Yes captain they are.

Kirk How did you beam through our shields?

Khan After 300 years we will finally take what is ours! Screen Off!

Chekov Captain Multiple security breaches aboard the ship we have 71 intruders.

Kirk How the hell did they beam through our shields.

Spock Unknown

Kirk Red alert. Attention all crew arm yourselves. We have multiple security breaches across the ship. Set phasers to Kill as stun has little effect.  Have extra security routed to Engineering, the bridge, and auxiliary control room. Use all necessary force they must not be allowed to take this ship.

The next sequence of the ship being taken over will last about 10 to 15 minutes so I will skim through the important parts without too much dialogue.

Most of the 71 augments beamed to Engineering and some to deck 2.

Engineering quickly gets taken over lead by Joaquin with about 40 out of 50 crew members being killed.

Side Note: This is where we see engineering remodeled and finished up to look more like the rest of the ship. There are more ceilings but it still appears about 4 decks high in the main part of Engineering and fairly wide to give the idea of a massive Engine room but not have it look like a cheap factory on the surface of a planet.

In sickbay McCoy grabs a phaser and hides Christine Chapel and another nurse in the service crawlway.

McCoy Get off the ship and signal starfleet or anyone for some help. They are given phasers as well.

Nurse Chapel Doctor I have never fired a real one of these.

McCoy You know all those non medical courses you took at the academy. I hope you got A's in them.

He closes the service crawlway behind them. McCoy is shortly thereafter taken prisoner.

In the transporter room Keenser is still working underneath the transporter pad when the two transporter officers on duty are quickly killed by Augments. Keenser slowly and quietly pulls the panel closed before they see him.  

The 5 Augments including Khan that beamed to deck 2 take the turbolift quickly to the bridge. Two more red shirts with knives in their back are used as temporary shields and catch the bridge crew off guard. All bridge officers are killed (including James Cawley's character) except Kirk Spock, Uhura, Sulu, and Chekov.

Sulu and Uhura were shot in the arm with a Klingon disrupter. Kirk Spock and Chekov were unharmed. Khan has his Augments put Spock, Uhura, Chekov, and Sulu in restraints they remain on the bridge.

Khan James Kirk We finally meet face to face. I would rather die then allow my crew to be taken prisoner so easily. You don't deserve to be a commander of an army.

Kirk Look whatever you¿¿..

Khan May we speak in private captain?

Kirk and Khan head to the briefing room.

Khan calls Joaquin for a report.

Joaquin 150 of their crew are dead. We lost 30 of our people.

Khan Take 10 of our men from Engineering to the supply station. Take everything you can. Board the alien ship and prepare it to leave. Also put Elo in charge and have their chief engineer prepare some power reserves for that alien ship.

Joaquin Yes Sir

Kirk What do you want with my ship?

Khan I am going to make the people of Earth pay for their hypocritical actions.

Kirk those governments have been gone since the 3rd world war that started in 2050.

Khan 3rd world war? Why am I not surprised.

Kirk So why vengeance still? For people that are long since dead.

Khan you are descendents of those corrupt people. Someone must be held responsible!

Kirk You have the chance to start new lives with a clean slate. Given the circumstances I may be able to get the charges reduced but you must pay for the crimes you have already committed.

Khan There is no debate! You forget yourself captain. I hold the keys to your ship now.

Kirk Wrong! Computer activate emergency self destruct single authorization only.

Computer Unable to comply. Self destruct explosives have been removed from the ship.

Khan I may have only been awake for a few weeks but I have learned a great deal.
I see you are not as weak as I anticipated captain. I respect you James Kirk.

Side Note: This is where Kirk realizes the point of Spock's Kobayashi Maru test and a no win scenario. Kirk works up the courage his father had to do what is necessary.

Chapel and the other nurse are in the service crawlways when they see a panel with wiring just pop out. They raise their phasers but out pops Keenser.

Keenser I was working in the transporter room when the ship was boarded. I had to crawl through millions or wires to get here. I am lucky I was not electrocuted.

Nurse Chapel Doctor McCoy has ordered us to get off the ship and get help any way we can.

Keenser The top of the shuttlebay is 7 more decks down. There is an access port above the shuttlebay so we can survey the situation and take a shuttlecraft. The Klingons would be pissed if they heard what happened to their people.

Nurse Chapel Let¿s hope we don¿t have to deal with the Klingons.

They finally arrive above the shuttlebay.

Meanwhile in engineering

Elo Who is in command of engineering?

Scotty I am. I am a wee bit hungry do you think I could replicate a sandwich.

Elo You eat when I say you eat. I want you to put some reserve power for that alien ship in these 10 power supply nodes.

Scotty I don't even know what race that ship belonged to let alone what kind of power they use.

Elo raises his disrupter to scotty's head.

Scotty Okay Okay. I will need at least 2 men to help me. I need access to a sensor station to scan the ship as well.

Elo You can have one man.

Scotty Ensign DeSalle come over here.

Scotty You helped build the ship back on Earth a few years ago right?

DeSalle Yes sir I worked on the interior of engineering here sir.

Scotty I need you to blow those two power conduits at the same time to take out those men.

DeSalle  Sir I am not sure I can even access those conduits in that manner let alone do it from a sensor station.

Scotty Part of being an Engineer is being a miracle worker. Besides I have a miracle of my own to wield. Trying to convert this ships power to an alien power source I know nothing about.

Side Note: This is the same Lt. DeSalle that we knew as the backup Navigator from TOS. His career path will be changed forever by the end of this movie.

Kirk and Khan come out of the briefing room and Spock stands up.

Spock Uhura and Sulu need immediate medical attention. Another augment hits him with a Klingon disrupter barrel and says our leader did not give you permission to speak to him.

Khan You will help me fly this ship to Earth now set a course.

Kirk Spock they have disabled the auto destruct just do as he says.

Khan Release them from the restraints. Any attempt at trickery will result in immediate death for all of your crew.

An augment from the shuttlebay wakes up from being hit with a phaser on kill. Sir three of their crew have taken two shuttlecraft and are gone. Rokin is dead and I am badly burned.

Khan How long have they been gone?

Augment At least 30 minutes sir. #### you!

Khan grabs Kirk by the neck where did they go?

Kirk I don't even know who you left alive or dead let alone who has the shuttlecraft. You have been up here with us the whole time we could not have done anything.

Khan stares into Kirk's eyes. I believe you. Prepare this and the alien ship for departure to Earth.

Sir an augment at Spock's science station reports to Khan there has been an explosion in Engineering.

Khan #### you Kirk.

Spock breaks free from his restraints in an emotional outburst of anger and quickly takes out one of the augments with the nerve pinch. Chekov and Sulu take on another augment grab his weapon quickly and shoot him and one other augment while they are off guard. They then have to take cover. Kirk grabs one Augments head and smashes it into his command chair knocking him out. Spock grabs his augments disrupter and fires on the last augment that is left besides Khan.

Spock picks Uhura up Nyota are you okay?

Uhura I will be. You and Sulu report to sickbay. Sulu says sir request permission to remain on the bridge. Kirk says are you sure you can fly the ship with only one good arm? Sulu smiles and says yes sir. Uhura goes to sickbay.

Khan grabs a communicator from his belt and is in the turbolift by now. To all of my people that are left on this ship. Use your alien ships mobile teleporter now to get to that alien ship. The remaining two augments beam to the unidentified alien ship.
Kirk Spock scan that ship I want to know everything about it.

Spock It appears to be the same type of Alien ship that tried to steal from Archer's Nx-01 Enterprise over 100 years ago. But with far more powerful weapons and technology. The powers signatures seem familiar somehow but not part of that ships original design.

Chekov The alien ship has gone to warp sir.Their course will appear to take them directly to Earth.

Kirk Mr. Scott great work down there.

Scotty I cannot take all the credit captain. It was Ensign DeSalle¿s doing sir.

Kirk Is warp drive operable?

Scotty Give me about an hour captain. But the whole communications array is scrap metal. It will take weeks to fix.

Kirk Spock you don¿t look so good.

Spock captain I must leave for sickbay.

Kirk Spock are you feeling alright?

Spock Captain I must. And before Kirk says another word Spock is gone.

Spock arrives at sickbay.

McCoy Spock! Dammit not again.

Spock Nyota I need your help. I have no time to explain

Uhura You don¿t looks so good what is it.

McCoy Spock you have to stop this now.

Spock quickly turns around and knocks McCoy and the other medical technician unconscious. Another nurse runs out of sickbay to alert security.

Uhura What are you doing?

Spock I am sorry Nyota I mean you no harm.

Spock proceeds to beat and rape her until she loses consciousness. When he is done he loses consciousness as well.  

Side Note: I know this is a very controversial scene but since Spock is half human his Pon Farr should be different from the average Vulcan. The recent violence on the Enterprise has also triggered his Pon Farr past the boiling point. I re imagined Spock?s Pon Farr to be something even more sadistically violent as well as sexual related. It is also 2260 in this movie. 7 years before Amok time. Since Spock's birthdate could not have changed in the new timeline he will be going through Ponn Farr.
Kirk and McCoy are standing over the biobed as Spock regains consciousness.

Kirk Spock, Bones told me everything and I understand the unique situation you were in but Uhura is in serious condition.

Spock I deeply apologize captain will she be alright?

McCoy Yes

Kirk I need you on the bridge now. Warp drive will be operable in 5 minutes. Are you up to it?

Spock Yes sir I am. He looks back at Nyota as he walks out of sickbay.

Kirk Report

Chekov Our two shuttlecraft are are docked in the shuttlebay.

Sulu Warp drive at your command sir

Kirk Set a course for earth maximum warp. Engage.

We hear that familiar sonic boom as the Enterprise goes to warp.

Spock Captain I have been analyzing those readings that I mentioned seemed familiar before I got ¿sick¿ The power signatures are similar to the ones we saw on the Narada 2 years ago. The entire bridge fell silent.

Kirk Is there red matter aboard that ship?

Spock No sir I am referring to the weapons systems and other technology that seems to have been modified. Some of it appears to have been retro engineered.

Kirk I had heard from a drunk trader in a bar that a Klingon captain was bragging about capturing some future Romulans and their ship years ago but I dismissed it as just another drunk trader and his bull shit story.

Spock It is possible that the Klingons have this advanced weaponry and have modified it to other technologies.

Sulu That would explain why we haven¿t heard much from the Klingons in the last few years. They may be planning a war.

Kirk We will have to worry about the Klingons some other day. If that technology was on the supply station then that means the augments most likely brought it to the unidentified alien ship.

Spock That is a logical assumption captain. It would also explain how they were able to beam through our shields. Who knows what other dangerous weapons they could have.

Kirk How long till we reach Earth?

Sulu 3 Hours Captain

Kirk Earth could already be under attack and we would not know. Mr. Scott push these engines like you never have before.

Scotty I¿ll do my best as always.

Kirk Do you think there is a chance the Klingons would be willing to help us in this case?

Spock It is possible captain. I doubt the Klingons would be pleased to find out what happened to their station and people.

Kirk Are there any Klingon ships nearby?

I am detecting 4 Klingon Attack Cruisers about 5 light years away.

Lt. Klasotick open a channel to those Klingon ships.

General Morath of the Cruiser Ktinga Why have you contacted us?

Kirk Are you aware of your supply station at these coordinates being attacked?

General Morath Yes we are and we will hunt the patak¿s who did this down.

Kirk We know who did this.

General Morath Then give me the coordinates or I will destroy your ship.

Kirk I will transmit the data now. There is one other matter we must discuss. We know you captured a future Romulan vessel years ago and have some of it¿s technology. Any chance you can tell me what it¿s use will be?

General Morath That is for my superiors to decide. I see from the logs you sent us these particular humans have caused a great deal of problems for both of our peoples.

Young Klingon Captain General this group of humans are the reason we ¿¿..

General Morath Silence That is not important now. We will make them pay for it today.

Kirk That alien ship has some advanced shields and weapons.

General Morath We have some as well. Our 4 ships will follow you. Today is a good day to die.

Kirk Hopefully not general. Kirk Out.

Spock Five other Starfleet ships have engaged the alien ship captain. We should be arriving in 10 minutes.

Kirk Signal the 4 Klingon ships to stand ready.

The Enterprise drops put of warp. The five federation ships that the Enterprise detected that were engaged in battle are now broken and adrift in space.

Chekov sir 2 explosives have been beamed directly onto the ship. Deck 5 and the shuttlebay. And 2 Klingon ships have been destroyed sir.

Spock they must have beamed our explosive charges to the Klingons warp core. If we are not careful they will do the same to us.

Kirk Why haven't they beamed explosives to or warp core?

Spock It is safe to assume whoever is operating the transporter on that ship cannot use that technology at full efficiency.

Kirk Mr. Sulu I want the best evasive maneuvers you have.

Sulu Yes Sir
Spock the alien ships shields are down to 10 percent. It appears they have another layer of shielding below that one. I believe we can transport through that layer though. There should only about 10 augments left as of the last count.

Kirk signal the 2 Klingon ships to create some cover fire for us to get into transporter range. We are going to beam over there and try to take the rest of the crew out ourselves.

Spock have a security detail meet us in the transporter room.

Kirk put us down as close to their bridge as you can. Energize.

The landing party consisting of Kirk Spock and 4 red shirts arrive on the alien ship.

Spock pulls out a tricorder and discovers the bridge is in the next room over. It appears there are five augments on the bridge. The other five are scattered across other parts of the ship.

Kirk set phasers to kill.

Kirk tells 2 of the redshirts to fire on sight. Do not hesitate as they are extremely dangerous. Take them out.

Side Note: We get our first looks at our new timelines phaser rifles in this scene.

Kirk, Spock and another redshirt storm the bridge. They take out 3 augments while the red shirt is killed. Joaquin disarmed Spock has Kirk¿s phaser rifle was hit by a Klingon disrupter fire. Kirk and Khan are now engaged in hand to hand combat.

Kirk You had a chance for a better life for you and your people instead most of you are now dead.

Khan There is no life unless you can control it.

Kirk is basically getting the crap kicked out of him. Khan has Kirk by the neck on ground and is choking the life out of him. Just before he losses consciousness a disrupter blast knocks Khan back.  

Spock eventually nerve pinches Joaquin into unconsciousness. Spock grabbed the closest weapon which was a Klingon disrupter and shot Khan. Kirk gets up slowly and stands over Khan. With Khans last dying breath he starts to yell Kiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkk! But it slowly fades into a whisper.

Kirks communicator chirps Sir we have neutralized the last 5 augments sir. Spock hail the Klingon ship with General Morath.

General Morath appears on the alien ships screen. I want to see the body of their leader.

Kirk Right here.

General Morath You fought well along side us today Kirk. You are a brave warrior. But the Klingon empire will not forget past transgressions against it. Screen Off

Kirk Mutters Your Welcome!

Kirk Hail Starfleet command. Are you guys alright down there?

Admiral Weaver Yes Thanks to you again captain. I look forward to your debriefing. Give the crew one week shore leave and report to me at headquarters.

Kirk Yes sir

Admiral Weaver One more thing Jim. I think it is time we let you out more often! Thank you! Starfleet Command out.

Kirk Spock let¿s go home. They transport back to the Enterprise.

Kirk Ensign Desalle and Lt. Cmdr Scott please report to the bridge.

Kirk Mr. Scott with engineering being upgraded I would say keeping her in tip top shape is an around the clock job.

Scotty Yes sir it is.

Kirk Mr. DeSalle I promote you to the rank of Lieutenant and are now the Enterprise's assistant chief engineer. Sound good Mr. Scott?

Scotty Aye but don't be thinking your gonna get my job someday mister.

Kirk No way Scotty. Two miracle workers are always better than one.

DeSalle Thank you sir.

Kirk Bones how are our injured crewman down there?

McCoy Fine they will be back on duty in a matter of hours. But remember this I am a doctor not a commando next time you want to have genetically enhanced egomaniac humans over to play, leave me out of it.

Spock Doctor are you implying that this was intentional on the captains part?

McCoy You green blooded inhuman boogeyman it's a joke.

Kirk Gentleman please! I have enough of a headache.

Kirk Chekov put me on ships speakers Attention Enterprise crew there will be a memorial service for those 150 crew members that gave their lives to defend this ship. The memorial will be at 0900 tomorrow morning. After that the ship will be in space dock being repaired at which time we can all enjoy one week of shore leave. Kirk out!

Chris Pine does the space the final frontier outro.
A revamped theme of the Star Trek 2 The Wrath Of Khan¿s credit music starts playing.


Kirk Chris Pine
Spock Zachary Quinto
McCoy Karl Urban
Scotty Simon Pegg
Uhura Zoe Saldana
Sulu John Cho
Chekov Anton Yelchin
Keenser Deep Roy
¿Cupcake¿ Red Shirt Jason Matthew Smith

Nurse Chapel
Lieutenant DeSalle
Yeoman Colt
Ensign Johns
Admiral Weaver
A few more red shirts
Tons of big bulky augments
General Moroth
Tons of dead Klingons
Damon Tong
Ferengi Appraiser
Ferengi Records Officer
Ferengi Doctor

Alternate Beginning!
Instead of the Augments being awake or even alive for that matter in the beginning of the movie I was going to have the Augments as embryos. I was going to explain the Eugenics Wars as being regular people fighting over what to do with these embryos and them being launched into space so no one on Earth can get to them as a peace compromise.

I was then going to have the Botany Bay found in space with these frozen embryos found by Lore Soong (Long L, two Short O's, Long R, Short Eh sound).

Lore Soong is the son of Arik Soong born in 2208 three years after Arik Soong was released from prison. Lore is brilliant young man trying to find his place in the universe. He wonders why his father left after he was born. His mother explains how his father Arik was a brilliant man but he was punished because his work was so misunderstood. He makes it his life goal to learn his fathers work.

In 2228 he finds the Botany Bay floating in space hatches the embryos and raises all 73 of them like his father did for Malik and company.

After 32 years pass the Augments would have gone out on their own and this would have given me the opportunity to get that big bang out of the way before the title screen.

I didn't go with this because I did not want to OVERREAIMAGINE Space Seed.

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