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1K Post Party for Alayna!


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Candy you ARE the funnymaster!


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Fanfic is sooo much funnnn


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Quote (KeiraScott @ July 26 2009, 1:24 am)
Quote (WilburWood @ July 26 2009, 1:21 am)
Ya SURE, now? 'Cause you might not know what hit ya, KS!!!! ;)

Don't worry about me, I'm very resilient

Good, 'cause things COULD get a little rough!!! ;)


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Quote (Mirrorgirl @ July 26 2009, 1:22 am)
Quote (WilburWood @ July 26 2009, 3:02 pm)
Quote (KeiraScott @ July 26 2009, 12:42 am)
Ohoooooo boy-o how about some evidence to back up the boast :D

No boast, just statin' a fact! Let's see if you can keep up!!! ;)

You could give me a cuddle anytime you like my friend ;)

You'll just have to wait in line, Mg! ;)


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i do write fanfic. for now i mostly have harry potter stuff written. but ive NOT read the last book yet. i was writing a 7-part series for the mauraders....trying to keep it as canon as possible. so im waiting for the last movie/book then i will finish...but i have quite a bit of it done already.

ive also done a sirius/remus one-shot

& im doing a dairy of fawkes...the first entery contains murder/suicide stuff so mind the ratings.

there is very mild language in all my stories so no worries there...i think the worst i do is whatever bones would say so its light....& not much of it. i dont think im good at writing romance but ive been told otherwise so...i dont try to write it...if it happens in my stories its usually light. ive only ever written 2 sex with harry potter & some nothing very strong there...just teenage in my sirius/ a little gay stuff there so mind the ratings...i do have warnigns before & after such parts.

there is also a TNG ficlet up there but its not mine. a friend of mine wrote it. see i was dared to write a sirius/remus fic so i said fine...only if you write a harry potter star trek crossover. there's more info in my profile about what is called the "challenge fics" lol

i have done a one-shot of TNG in rememberance of both majel & ricardo...but its not very good...i hate writing much in one chapter...

also, im currently writing what i hope to be a novel based a few months after the new trek movie. it starts off as a comedy, the introduction part but it will get dark as it goes by....dealing with "death/suicide/vampire/stuff like that...." its my second attempt at writing horror, the first is part of my harry potter 7-set series called "phantom reality" anyway, the story is called "star trek: the pain of death" im going to try getting it published...if not it'll eventually go up there on my profile.

& finally, i will be writing a kirk/spock fic since ive been finally sucked into it by some friends here who gave me the link to K/S archive & sent me some rather good stories so:

look for "candystar" ive not written anything there yet...but when i get it written out thats where it'll go...i might put it on my fanfiction account to but i dunno yet....


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Quote (Candystar @ July 24 2009, 3:43 am)
"after a while spock/sulu/candy return carrying this cake:

a cake to match your lingerie alayna! "wags eyebrows"

I FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Very good work Candystar. I forgot about this thread.
*However, BOS takes a tricorder scan of wedding dress...*

*snicker* *snicker*

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