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Should there be an R rated ST film?

Matthias Russell

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Are you voting for or against an R rated movie?


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Quote: Matthias Russell @ Apr. 30 2011, 1:06 pm

>  That would depend on the story. If it is a Star Trek soft core porn movie, then I am against it. But if it a Star Trek movie where a bad guy uses the F word a couple times, or smokes a cigerette (Now and days smoking in a movie will get it an automatic PG-13 rating), then I don't think I would have a problem with it.


>Are you voting for or against an R rated movie?


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This is a great question and I hope the powers that be pay attention. ST is a haven for me, it is a nice safe place where I go to forget myself and I enjoy it for that. I think an R rating would be a gateway for a LOT of graphic rubbish that really has no place in that universe. I really can't imagine a storyline or circumstance of R behavior that would enhance the kind of stories the ST franchise puts out. That being said ST09 had a PG-13 rating and I really enjoyed it, but its certainly as far as I want to see it go.


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There are no elements of the Star Trek story that need to include more profanity, graphic sex, or graphic violence. Those three contribute to an "R" rating, and none of them are needed to tell a great Star Trek story. 

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As is the case with many movies, they often receive higher ratings than were originally intended. Since most of the time those scenes are taken out for theatrical release, what would everybody think if a Star Trek movie was released as PG-13 in the theaters, but then it was revealed on the DVD that there were R rated sequences that were intended but not included?

Something like a Jem Hadar esque Ketracel White risque scene? A scene which the director fully intended in order to fully illustrate the supposed character.

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