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who is the sexyest voyager charicter


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I didn't really think that any of the guys on voyager were attractive. 7 of 9 is gorgeous, and Kes was pretty darn cute.

Oh Snap.


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No one beats Seven


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Seven of Nine was the sexiest character, but unfortunately she was also a Mary Sue

May God Save The King


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Too obvious Seven. But my personal taste would be Kes who was so in a different way.


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Without a doubt-VORIK!! You can tell just how hot he is just by that delicious voice!


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Seven of Nine


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Quote: Dbear1 @ Jul. 25 2009, 2:22 pm

I am a bit different I go for Torres

I agree.


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Sexiest guy: TOM PARIS
Sexiest woman: B'Elanna


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Chakotay is the sexiest male character and Seven the sexiest female.


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Hmmm Tom Paris I think.
Well, he's not sexy, he's cute. Theres a difference. But I'd have to say that Tom is my fave (and best-looking) male character.

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Seven of Nine...


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 omg old old thread...My old Q face is back on page 1, LOL

At the moment it's Kes. I've always liked her, she's Tinkerbell....IN SPAAAACE!!! I'd hit it!


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i can't choose. somedays it's seven, otherdays it's janeway, and every now and then i wanna steal b'ellana from paris. kes is nice too. too many options, and too many wild oats to sew. ;-D

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