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What's the first episode you ever saw?


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 datas day, thats why it was love at first sight

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"Where No Man Has Gone Before" in syndication during the late 70's. I was probably 4 or 5 years parents put me in front of it so the colorful visuals would keep me entertained while they cooked dinner.


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TOS Episode 1.  I'm old.


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First episode I ever saw? Probably Voyager's Caretaker when it first came out. I was less than a year old. I remember watching the show up until it ended. That was in elementary. I have vague memories of being sad after I saw the last episode, Endgame.

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I think it was The Arsenal of freedom from TNG. I was 3 years old and had a fear of dark holes hidden in the grass and flying killer objects. Or it was some episode with a black hole (I was afraid of black holes then).



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First episode? I don't know. Wrath of Khan was the first time I ever watched TOS, and First Contact was my first TNG. I kinda did it backwards; I watched the movies before I got into the series.

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The original series: The empath

The next Generation: Attached

Voyager: Year of hell Parts 1&2



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I was too young to remember my first TOS, I just always watched it when it was on; dad watched trek reruns.

TNG - The Naked Now

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