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In the months since its founding, on the ashes of the old Department of Temporal Investigations which was destroyed in the Borg War, Starfleet Temporal Investigations has faced many dangerous challenges.  We have faced the might of a battleship armed with a temporal drive and a desperate crew, and defeated them.  We have weatherd the dark cunning of the Mirror Universe's Klingon-Cardassian Alliance and the ruthlessness of their traitorious human warlord.  And, most recently, we have remained intact through an inquisition by the secretive Starfleet Special Investigations.

And through every trial, we have grown stronger and closer.


Cafe du Monde, New Orleans

Lieutenant Broht lifts his blue hand to signal to Lieutenant Muset as the Cardassian arrives, beckoning him over.  Muset walks to the Bolian and sits.  "Why did you put the case on hold?  We had everything we needed to take their organization apart and install our own people."

Broht shakes his head.  "No."  He passes Muset a PADD.  "Information I recieved earlier today.  A cascade of events that cannot be coincidence... the Dominion representatives pull any further Jem'hadar support for our organization pending a review of our methods.  Federation Council member T'rath, after being contacted by the father of one of Enigma's former crew, pulled favors with the courts to get jurisdiction over our investigation of Temporal Investigations moved to a different judge, who summarily denied our attempt to get a warrant to investigate the Temporal Investigations Vault.  The old groundskeeper from the Academy, after being contacted by the Foresight's nurse, put in calls to a half-dozen Captains and Admirals, all of whom took minor but frustrating action in slowing down various other cases we were working on.  And Enigma transferred a large quantity of latinum from a hidden account somewhere to her personal account, then back to the hidden account again.  And these events were only the tip of the iceberg."  He sighs.  "Within ten minutes of my telling Enigma we were putting the investigation on hold, these problems began to straighten themselves out."  He takes a deep drink of his cafe au lait.  "Try one of the beignets; they're excellent."  After a bite of his own, he completes his rant.  "Worst of all... the Orb of Time has reached the Bajorans.  This case has been a complete disaster."

Muset sighs, looking over the PADD.  "Did we get anything at all out of this?"

Broht nods.  "We did.  We know their weakness."  After another bite of his beignet, he continues.  "They are all good officers, with the standard set of loyalties that implies.  But there's another loyalty at work there, as well."  He finishes his coffee.  "Most of them are less loyal to their mission than they are to Enigma.  We break her, we break Temporal Investigations.  So now..."  He smiles, rather sadistically.  "We wait for her to have a moment of weakness... real weakness.  And we collect what information we can, to build a case, but we don't put their noses out of joint while we do it.  And, when everything's in place... we move in, and destroy them."


We are the defenders of time itself, the guardians of history, the only force standing in defense of a right more fundamental than any other - the right to your own choices, without interferance from forces outside time.  Though there are many, even within the Federation, who see that right as unimportant compared with their own personal goals, we stand firm.  By whatever means necessary, we will accomplish the task which was have accepted, for one simple reason - it must be done.


Mirror Universe, IKS Negh'Var, Outside the Conference Chamber

After the last war conference, discussing plans for an Alliance re-invasion of the Serpentis system following the Dominion taking the sector, Captain Eden Enigma waits.  Once those gathered are dispersed, she taps the shoulder of Legate Dukat, getting his attention.  "Legate, my father has completed his analysis of the information my mission to the other universe gained, and he has his recommendation."

Dukat smiles.  "I'll make certain to speak with the Intendant before day's end, then."

Enigma shakes her head.  "It won't be necessary.  I have the recommendation... it is simple."  She smiles.  "Their galaxy is a spring grape, ripe for picking, yet Earth itself is a seed with a shell hard enough to shatter teeth.  We should move the plan forward, but not against Earth."

Dukat nods.  "Then where?"

Enigma shakes her head.  "That, we do not yet know.  I would like your blessing for a second operation, to learn what place is ripe for a first strike."

Dukat takes the Captain's hand.  "It is granted.  Decide where you will go next, and tell me.  I await your plan."


It must be done for our families, our friends, our enemies, and those we have never met.  It must be done because, even if a change to the timeline makes a universe that seems better, the creation of that universe destroys the one already here - an act of genocide greater than every war ever fought.


USS Defiant
Eden Enigma's Quarters

Eden shakes her head at Tain's question.  "One day, I'll leave Starfleet, likely to spent time with whatever family I have at the time.  I want to have a family, and I've no intention of leaving whatever children are involved in that war orphans."  There is a tiny hint of bitterness, barely detectable, in her last few words, but the tone does not reach her eyes.  "But before that happens, I have to make sure that they are safe."  She sighs a bit.  "Starfleet is broken.  In a lot of ways, the Federation is broken.  The 'Earth first, present first' policies Starfleet has now are unsustainable.  There's not enough Earth for the number of people who are there now, and one more generation of having the whole Federation living there will strip the planet bare of everything of use.  Meanwhile, the Borg and the old great powers left behind too many things that are dangerous... there's too much risk that someone will make a mistake with one Federation or Cardassian or Tholian artifact or another, and prevent humanoid evolution from ever having taken place."  She folds her hands together, a serious look in her eyes.  "Before I can leave, I have to know that I've done everything in my power to fix this.  Everything in my power to bring back the Federation as my parents knew it, and make it one that will still exist when any children I might have are grown."


It simply must be done.

For more information on Temporal Investigations, visit our website.  We have many openings, and are an exceptionally active game, though with people going on LOA for the late-summer months, we're going on a short break as far as missions go - a perfect time to join up and get your character established!

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