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Do you have the same name as a ST character?


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Quote: Kdbtrekkin @ Jul. 28 2009, 3:05 am

I've only seen my name in two things, Stand By Me and an Episode of TNG as an Engineer.

and i thought my name was odd. Ive only seen my in 3 things Tombstone, Weird Science and a TNG: Haven


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My son is called Jonathan Archer, my dog is called Chekov and my fiance is Dr. McCoy, although his first name isn't Leonard. My fiance's father's name is Dr. Leonard McCoy-but to be fair, he is 58-he was 14 when Trek came out.

And also, I'm thinking of calling my daughter Annika.

Mum to 3 boys, Jonathan Archer-8 Huey Martin and Trip Jonah, who sadly passed away in my tummy. RIP.


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I have the same name as a character that appears several times in VOY season 2. Then he dies. He's called Michael Jonas (my names Jonas).

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