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Alien Races Guidebook


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There are so, so many different races that could be explored in depth, and I feel it¿s a shame that they have been so neglected.  
I envision a large (possibly multiple volumes) guidebook of Trek races listed in alphabetical order.  Perhaps there could be 4 volumes, one for each quadrant.  A 5th volume could contain all of the aliens who have been seen, but have never been given much or any backgrounds!

Each entry would include¿

---a gorgeous illustration of a representative of each race.  Possibly male, female and child.
---species specs, average height, weight, skin-hair-eye color ranges
---species notable members, their appearances
---species exports, specializations, businesses, governmental structures, religions, technology, ship types, habits, rituals, etc.
---races they trade with, feud with, members in Starfleet other connections
---planet atmosphere, history, location

I would propose some races that would be especially provocative¿

Aaamazzarite:  They spin a silk-like substance from their bodies to create furniture, clothing¿do they spin weapons, homes?  Do they compete with Tholians in ¿home-spun¿ silk goods exports?  
Antedean:  It would be fascinating to see them in their natural aquatic habitat and learn how they interact with other races.  What do they look like under those large shiny robes?
Arkenite:  The large headed crewman, played by Michael Berryman is the only one I can think of that we¿ve seen.
Arcadian:  Another fascinating aquatic species.  Do they barter with Antedeans or Aquans?
Ariolo:  I was obsessed with learning about these guys.  All I have ever seen is a neck-up profile.
Arcturian:  Why are their faces so ¿melty¿?  
Bzzit Khaht:  Star Trek¿s answer to Star Wars¿ cantina opener Arconian?
Betelgeusian:  Described as an avian/leopard race?  One of my all time favorites.
Chalnoth:  Obviously Picard was able to get through to one, what¿s their world like?
Dosi:  Do they paint their faces or is that their skin?
Edosian:  Or are they Triexians?  Edoans?  I want to know soo much more!
Excalbians:  They met the Organians in the comics, which was genius!  Did they ever encounter Tholians?  Talosians?  Melkotians? Q?
Exocomps:  Did they ever encounter the Borg?  Could some have established a colony of A.I.¿s  somewhere?  Could one become a full-fledged Starfleet officer?
Fotiallians?: M-113 Salt Vampire¿surely there were/are more out there?  Perhaps in the Delta Quadrant?  Maybe there are only a handful and Starfleet relocated them to a planet to restart their species?
Gallamite: Capt Boday was never seen as far as I know.  Toothy smiles, transparent craniums?  I gotta see one!!
Glommers:  Do they have an intelligence no one ever discovered.  Are they waging a small-scale war on Tribbles?  Could one fly a starship?
Horta:  Naraht was able to join Starfleet and assume a somewhat humanoid form.  The Horta would obviously have a lot more to share with us!
Hupyrian:  Is beetle snuff legal on their world?  Is bodyguarding their number one profession?
Imhotep:  I think that¿s the race of the guy Mr. Paris raced in Voyager?  Are they distantly related to Benzites?
Ithenites:  Short, gold/copper skinned aliens from ¿Journey to Babel¿¿unfairly cut out of the ENTERPRISE series!!!  
K¿normian:  Barely seen in the Motion Picture, what¿s with the enlarged craniums?
Kazarite:  Described as the ¿Dr.Dolittles¿ of the universe.  That¿s all we get???
Kasheeta:  Large-headed, red skinned reptilians?  
Lactran:  After their encounter in the ST:TAS, did any Lactrans desire further knowledge?
Lurian:  Morn was always one of my favorites, and one with the littlest background.
Megarite:  Another aquatic race¿glub glub!
Mugato: Ensign Janos was scientifically altered to be civilized, did he do the same to the rest of his race?  
Melkotian:  Seen and heard from far far too little.
Monchezke: Alnschloss K¿Bentayr is the name of the guy on Kirk¿s pa¿s ship, obviously they are friendly with Starfleet.
Nausican:  Perhaps they  are distantly related to the Kradin?
Ornithoid lifeforms:  After the original series appearance, they were seen being studied at DS9, obviously there is more background info in Starfleet¿s records.
Pahkwa-thanh:  like the one on the Uss Titan under Riker?
Pandronian: This one would be particularly fascinating.
Phylosian:  Sadly excluded from ever making a live-action appearance.
Rigellian: Chelon classification? Sabre-tooth turtle aliens?  More! More!!!
Saurian:  Is their main export Brandy?  Are they all alcoholics?  HA!
Sheliak:  Always wanted to see a clear picture of these guys.  Surely they would have associated with Cardassians and some of the other jerks of the universe?
Shamin:  So little information on them, what do they look like under those ornate masks?
Takaran:  Fascinating design, very little information.
Tarchannians:  LaForge was transformed into one, yet we never learned much about them.
Tholians:  They had quite a bit of interaction in the various shows, but were rarely seen.  We know they had ambassadors and diplomats, spun silk and were hermaphrodites, what else?
Troyian:  Another widely under-used race with tons of potential.
Taureans: Did these giants ever make peaceful contact?giant
Terellian:  Was the four armed musician Amarie one of these?  If not, what did they look like and what was HER species?
Vian:  Never seen more than once to my knowledge?  Imagine Vians visiting DS9!
Xelatian:  Cycloptic, tentacle, aquatic, telepathic?  I want to see one NOW!!!! 
Xindi (Avian):  What did they look like?  Are we sure there are none left or were they being held captive by the Reptilian Xindi?  Was the old ship encountered in the first Animated episode of Xindi Insectoid origin?  Hmmm¿
Zaranite:  Another intriguing race that was definitely associated with Starfleet.  So much more to learn about them!
Zeosian: Dax, the guy with the wonky feet from ST VI!  Obviously their magnetic boots would have to be custom made right?

The following unidentified aliens (only a few out of hundreds) could be named and included, or perhaps displayed in a fifth volume and left unnamed.

(OR, not to take a cue from Star Wars, perhaps contests could be held where the fans are able to write up species names and descriptions for unidentified characters, since those in power don¿t seem to be interested!;)

---Mr. Homn, Lwaxana¿s attendant.  Why was his race never specified?  Was he the only one?
---Aliens that abducted Picard with the Chalnoth and others.
---Dr. Chu-sa, the yellow avian alien from DC comics¿ Star Trek.  Is he related to Aurelians or Skorr?
---Bevvox, Kurros, Fennim and the ¿jellyfish¿, the think tank from Voyager?
---Ensign Fouton (blue skin, pink compound eyes, white mohawk), Comm. Codobach, M¿yra, little chipmunk-esque officers, all from Star Trek comics
---Keenser, the long-faced barfly alien, the large eyed obgyn present at Kirk¿s birth,  Alnschloss K¿Bentayr¿all newly introduced in the new Trek movie, each without a specified origin?
---The con man who chatted with McCoy in ST III, as well as the other bar denizens.
---The background aliens from ST V, expecially the tri-breasted felinoid female!
---Mr. Thahai of the USS Saratoga, slug-like, six eye stalks, six tentacles and scales?  (ST 36, 1987, DC comics)
---Insectoid Ajir & feline Grond from ST 24, 1986, DC comics
---Alien species Balok¿s puppet may have been modeled after.
---Blue & Fuscia alien humanoid dancers with extremely long tongues
---Blue skinned alien that Kirk kicked in the knee-balls on Rura Penthe (sp?) and all the other aliens imprisoned there!
---The various delegates seen in the background during the assassination attempt in ST VI.
---elongated aliens who snuck onto Enterprise to torment Archer and crew
---The large jellyfish aliens in the first Next Generation episode
---The solanagen-based aliens that abducted Riker, I believe it was?
---The yellow skinned female thrall in the Gamesters of Triskellion?

These are but a handful of the more memorable races that could each be fleshed out and given a proper place in the Star Trek expanded universe.  Tons more could be pulled from the backgrounds of episodes, movies, comics and novels.

Heck you could even include the reptilian Neptunian that was a part of the old Mego figure line!!!

Thanks for listening!  If anyone knows how, maybe you can get these ideas to those who could make it happen!


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Report this Jul. 22 2009, 12:22 am

The old Worlds of the Federations book was very good in its day. It came out around the same time as season 2 of TNG. It wasn't complete, but it included such races at Tholians, Fabrinis, Orions, etc. plus some of the "newer" races such as Betazoids, Benzites, and Bynars. I think it even included Mudd Androids, Tribbles and the Guardian of Forever.

Some of the information has been decanonized by later shows. For instance, Andoria is described as a desert word, and Zefram Cochran is listed as a native of Alpha Centari. It also discusses the Klingon forehead issue, but does not explain it.

The illustrations are pretty basic black and white. There is one elaborate drawing on the cover, and a larger full color version is inside the book.

I'd like to see that book updated and expanded. It was one of my favorites when it was first published.


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Report this Jul. 22 2009, 10:37 pm

Yeah, I have that one, as I am sure most of us do.  I am glad to read the inaccuracies you pointed out.  I didn't realize the one about Zeph!!  AHH!

Unfortunately, no of its biggest let downs!

It was a great book, but I feel we deserve a more intricate guide that is slicker, sleeker and a worthwhile addition to Trek lovers' bookshelves!  

Glad to see others support an update!  
Thanks for the comment!  :)

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