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Star Trek 11 has turned me off forever.


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Quote: newKirk @ Oct. 10 2010, 7:53 am

you know waht turned me off and upset me, this post..

"... Up until the reboot, Paramount was always kind of embarassed, when referencing the Original Series, in later ones. For instance, DS9's "Tribble" episode. The whole thing was played for laughs, NOT because of the "comedy" in the original, but because of how cheezy and ca'mpy ..."

are you kidding me? if Paramount was embarassed by TOS why would they make a new DS9 episode that features scenes from TOS, why bother to integrate characters from TOS and DS9 characters? the comedy in the two episodes is in the story not about the cheesy TOS effects, they did not make fun of that, they honored that. check out the DVD extras and there is a feature on the making of this episode and it is clear the writers, producers and paramont wanted to honor, respect and one of the most popular TOS episodes in all of Trek.. the effort, dedication, attention to detail in doing that DS9 episode to recreate the TOS look is not because Paramount was embarassed by TOS.. but because they know how much fans loved that TOS episode

so you are way off base, totally missed the boat on this one..

Your right New Kirk,Plus it's one of the better episodes of Deep Space 9.

Plus I admit that in the 60's they did not have the special effect of today, but the stories were deep and interting, remember if it was not for the original series, there would no Star Trek today, so that's how good it had to be, to have it going on for 44 years.

The Jayson

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The cast is amazing. And there is a lot I like about it. But:

Bonus to those who know the reference "That's not plot, those are just special effects." 

In the first 5 minutes, it had notable human drama, but as a whole, I can list plenty of episodes that have a lot of human drama...

As for the technobabble and nerdy stuff? In Star Trek? I always thought it was just scientific imagination... and I'm not alone, but what do a bunch of doctors, engineers, cyberneticists and programmers (for example) that got into their fields because of that nerdy stuff know anyways? Star Trek probably did alienate some people by using words that were too big, but oh well... Those who wanted plausibility and intellectual adventure sci-fi had Star Trek. Those who didn't had the force... So one series put the sci in sci-fi. It dropped because of franchise fatigue. Not because people couldn't relate to it. Do you remember how huge Next Gen was?

Yes Star Trek needs to grow and adapt, but it doesn't have to surrender to the lol generation and be dumbed down into a flashy remake to be "revived." Star Trek needed time, not to be sold out. Maybe that's a bit harsh, but the 2009 movie was a very good hip-hop music video. It just wasn't the best Star Trek, but it wasn't the worst either. I'm hopeful they'll get better. 

Don't alienate one fan who held on forever just to get two fans that won't.


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