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the episode with mr clemens


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Shhhh you will read but no tell because it is secret please

It is deleted scene from episode with Mr Clemens!

Here please read you will read

Picard is walking in hallway of Enterprise and he hear strange sound coming from locked door and he go to door and hear strange sound he hear "HMm mamemmm grrmmm mmmamm memm HOOH mm mehehmm..." and Picard confused and say "Computer open door please it is Picard" and door open and he walk in and he see Mr Clemens there and say "Oh Hi Mr Clemens what are you doing?" and Mr Clemens say "HOOH mmapamm ehmm" and Picard look over and he see tealc tied to pipe and Hammond is beside tealc and Hammond he say "Ah bless I'm glad you came Picard" and Picard say "What is the meaning of all this?" and they hear "hmmamm HOOH" and Hammond say "Ah it is great feast, we will eat tealc alive as burger!" and Picard say "Ah yes! Yes, I know this. Like that time me and the crew ate wesley as burger as wesleyburger" and Hammond say "nom nom yes exactly... nom nom tealc... you will... be burger... nom nom..." and Picard stare at tealc and Clemens stare at tealc and say "mmmammmem hehmamm HOOH" and Hammond smile at tealc AND THEN KICK TEALC IN THE HEAD AND TEALC BEG FOR MERCY AND CLEMENS KICK TEALC AND SAY 'HOOH' AND PICARD KICK TEALC AND ALL SHOVE TEALC INTO REPLICATOR and Picard say "Computer make roast" and tealc is instant roasted and all eat and are happy and then all go to bridge and Clemens too and Clemens see wesley and point at wesley and say "MMHMHMHM HEHAMM HOOH NOM NOM HOOH" and Picard say "Ah yes the clone... Boy! Come with us, you're not welcome on my bridge!" and Hammond kick wesley and kick onto floor and yell "FEAST FOR ALL" and Riker excited smile and say "Oh boy!!" and Worf growl with hunger and Troi go "I sense people are hungry" and Picard say "HER TOO" and Hammond kick Troi and Dr Crusher come onto bridge and say "What's going on? Wesley?" and Picard say "Ah Doctor, good! You're here. We're going to eat your boy. Coming?" and Crusher say "Of course!" and Geordie say "Captain there's a problem with the transporter" and Picard say "Leave that till later, we've got a feast on! Report to my quarters and bring Obrien too!" and then Picard look at Data and say "Data I think you'll like this experience" and Data smile and say "Thank you captain" and Picard go to intercom and say "Guinan you can come too" and Guinan come to quarters and wesley scream and shove and troi try to get away BUT RIKER SHOVE TROI AND WESLEY INTO REPLICATOR AND SAY "COMPUTER MAKE ROAST AND BURGER FROM WESLEY AND CHOCOLATE CAKE FROM TROI AND WE WILL EAT" and they are roasted and baked and all are happy they all eat and Clemens say "mmmhhahm mmemam HOOH" and Worf say "Delicious" and Data say "Intriguing" and Crusher say "I'm glad I had a son" and Riker say "This is fantastic" and Geordie say "We should do this more often" and Obrien say "I want more!" and Picard say "Let's clone them again and feast every week!" and Hammond say "Bless you all, and I will leave you with this gift" AND HAMMOND GET TEALC AND STUFF TEALC INTO REPLICATOR AND THEY EAT TEALC ALIVE AS TEALCBURGER

Ah bless Hammond please you will come to bbq you are invite to Enterprise and will have many great feasts!


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^LOL! :laugh:

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