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Who is Your Favorite Star Trek Doctor?


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McCoy, Bashir then The Doctor. I found the other ones weren't that interesting of characters


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It's hard to choose...I like Bones for a reason, Pulaski and Crusher for other reasons, the ones from VOyager and DS9 for other's so hard to choose! It's a tie between the ones from the first 3 series.


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McCoy, then The Doctor


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McCoy, then the Doctor


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Quote (spockrocks42 @ July 16 2009, 2:34 pm)
Quote (OtakuJo @ July 16 2009, 10:00 am)
I thought Chapel was a nurse not a doctor. (Correct me if I'm wrong not much up on TOS characters.)

She was a nurse, but she became a doctor in The Motion Picture.

oh Okay. Cheers. ^_^

Well, like I said... My expertise lies not in the c.23rd.

but OMG could you just imagine if Lwaxana was a doctor instead?~!!
:whatthe:  :laugh:


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Of course it has to be McCoy.He was the best doctor of all of them, in my oppion. I just love "Bones"


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Dr. McCoy, Dr. Phlox, Dr. Crusher, Dr. M'Benga, EMH


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Bones and the Doctor


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as much as i hate voyager i like the doctor from voyager best


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1. The EMH, he was funny as heck, plus he showed the most growth as a character of any of the Doctors.
2. Bones, his interaction with Spock was classic
3. Dr. Phlox, I liked his quirkiness and it was interesting to see a doctor work without the wonder gadgets.
4. Bashir, he had his moments and his interaction with O¿Brian was humorous at times, but he came across as a bit too smug for my taste.
5. Crusher/Pulaski, I found both of them pretty much interchangeable and really not that interesting


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Dr. Leonard McCoy. He was the best and not to add that both actors that played the character played him well.


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Why is everyone so harsh on my JULIAN?

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