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When I watch TOS should I think about what happens


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Quote (trekbuff @ July 19 2009, 8:25 pm)
Quote (Narada @ July 19 2009, 7:46 pm)
Yes I can handle discussing in a civilized manner without getting personal.

I did not get personal and was not harassing you. I commented on your concepts and stated they didn't make sense and they do not. If this is harassing you then I suggest you never discuss anything with anyone, much less debate anyone.

You can join the others who find objections to their illogical comments as personal affronts and have a wonderful time.

I have little patience for people who hide behind this type of comment and that IS personal.

I'm not going to further waste my time with you. I've tried, but because you find my faulting your logic a personal affront you are antagonistic and dangerous...

Thank you ! I will not discuss with you either.

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Let's not forget that in the TNG episode "Parallels", we find out that there are many other Quantum Universes, which diverge into ifinite possiblilities. ¿For me, this movie represents one of those possible quantum splits. ¿There are infinite timelines that are possible. ¿ST XI just represents one of them. ¿I think they did it quite well.

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