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Why is your religion correct?


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Because your's is wrong. :laugh:


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Quote (SpaceYeti @ July 17 2009, 12:05 am)
Quote (Kdbtrekkin @ July 16 2009, 11:10 pm)
Why life is God, life creates, life destroys, life is all around. Life permeates thru everything. But basically life creates, created us, created plants and animals.

... Life permeates through everything? No it doesn't. Life is exclusive to living things. I'm alive because, basically, ¿I have a metabolism. The only things that have a metabolism are living things. The vast majority of our planet is dead. Or, rather, simply not alive. How can life "permeate everything"? What does that mean?

I think of life as not a living cell, but as everything around and inside us. very broad definition.  Now living beings that is another question, we, plants, animals are alive, but of course the Earth and such are not.  But don't ask me to describe further, I do not have the words. Though maybe if I was raised as an American Indian I could, I don't know.

But though really I'm responding to this as I think you might enjoy the Robert J. Sawyer series, The Neanderthal Parralax, first book is Hominids. I think you would like it alot, as the Neanderthal's don't have religion and are mistified by our belief. So check it, it's in your realm of thought, at least from what I can tell.


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Quote (Kdbtrekkin @ July 19 2009, 2:12 am)
I think of life as not a living cell, but as everything around and inside us. very broad definition.

Not only is it broad, but biologists would disagree. Life does not exist outside of life-forms. What thing are you including in the realm of "life" that the biological definition does not include? Note: In biology, a thing must have cells in order to be alive, to be "life". What would you say is necessary to be "life"?


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Quote (Splurk @ July 17 2009, 2:02 am)
No, viruses are not alive, though that's actually because they lack a metabolism or reproductive system of their own. They are a cell.
Humans lack a reproductive system of their own? Last time checked wet need a mate?

So... we're viruses?


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^ Parasites, perhaps.

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