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What If The Romulans Found Out That


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In practice more just UFP the Romulan star Empire would anger with. The Klingon agree allow some jails sentence to death to help with this little project. UFP and Klingon Empire both must likely new about it. So unless the Romulan Empire want military beaten badly start war two major interstellar super power they scream bloody murder at must.


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Quote: Beershark @ Jan. 26 2011, 9:28 am

Quote: TrekFan1701E @ Jul. 11 2009, 8:29 pm

What type of consenquences would that have for the Alpha Quadarent and their relationship with the Federation?
What if the Romulans found out.....WHAT?

For crying out loud people! What the heck are y'all talking about?
What if the Romulans found out WHAT?

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Probabily about the fake Holo Program that Garak made to fool the Romulans in believing that the Dominion lied to them, and would later try to conquor Romulan territory, The program was made to get the Romulans to not interfear with the war between dominion and Federation.

That said I think the Federation would have lost the war, and loose thier credibility as honest allies, that they would go to any means to get what they want.


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Actually, I've been re-thinking this a bit -- and alliances with Romulans are always pretty tenuous to begin with. They play the game of underhanded politics, but don't tend to hold grudges. Their outlook seems to me to be one of "This is the way the political game works." So it might have made a difference at the beginning or directly after the events in question -- but later on, particularly after the Dominion War, it is unlikely to have caused a lot of ill-feeling.

It's not as if they ever entirely TRUST the Federation to begin with, and they (and the Federation) still play the game just like everyone else, even when they're allies. Romulans seem to be the kind to accept that underhanded deals will be made on the interstellar stage.

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I think nothing would happen. The Romulans have a lot more things to worry about. Things like their capital planet and probably a lot of other central systems being destroyed.

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