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As I listened to Obama's press conference last night, I heard him rail against obstructionists, and against opportunists, but I heard him extend a welcome to anyone of any affiliation who will stand up and offer any solution other than keeping things as they are.

That, it seems to me, is Obama's goal -- to break the status quo. Not-deciding is still a decision, but not-deciding is unacceptable as it will leave us on a trajectory towards Medicare collapse within 8 years. We've got to change something, but career legislators are terrified of changing things. By making it seem likely that the most horrific change in the world is coming on a hurtling freight train, Obama has dislodged legislators on both sides from their defensive do-nothing stances and made them start coming up with better things to do.

During the next election season, every legislator who ultimately votes for whatever is finally hammered out will be able to tell his constituents, "Hey, at least this wasn't nearly so bad as the socialist nightmare that was first proposed." Meanwhile, Obama can say, "Hey, at least we broke free of the inertia of a system that was bankrupting us all."


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Quote (DrGojira @ July 23 2009, 7:14 pm)
As I listened, I heard him speak out of both sides of his mouth, distribute platitudes, and extend a hand to anyone who will do his bidding.

Obama's goal--is to break the status quo and grab all power to the federal government. By declaring everything a crisis, he seeks to railroad everyone to accept deleterious policies.

During the next election cycle, when his party is thrown out and replace by other avaricious power seekers, actions will be taken to bankrupt and control us all.

You could at least throw a happy face at all that doom.

I think after that post I'll drink a bottle of vodka and take a bath with razor blades to cheer up.

:laugh:  :laugh:

The most troubling part of this post is the accuracy.

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